What Is a Cloud Contact Center, and How Does It Affect Your Business Operations?

Cloud Contact Center

Unarguably, the voice support channel has always been on the favorite list of customers, young and old alike. However, some other support channels also emerged with time and were accepted by customers. Examples include live chat, email, and social media. Brands had to make sure that they offered splendid solutions on these channels to build a long-lasting relationship with their customers.

This is where contact centers came into the picture. They maintain quality across all the support channels so that no customer interaction ends on a negative note. Now, the question that arises here is, “What is a cloud contact center, then?”

Cloud contact centers have upped the game by shifting from the traditional system to VoIP technology. As customer interactions take place on a high-speed internet connection, it helps contact centers provide a great support experience without breaking a sweat. Plus, it allows agents to do multiple tasks at one time. For example, they can reply to unread support emails while talking to a customer over a phone call.

Now we know what cloud contact center is, so let’s move one step forward and understand how it can affect your business operations (positively):

❖ Enhances customer experience

How well you assist customers when they come to you with product or service-related issues determines how long and fruitful your relationship with them will be.

Let’s say you are running an in-house inbound call center, but your customers mostly face the hassle of long wait time or get stuck in the never-ending loop of your IVR menu. Well, it’s not tough to figure out that you are creating a negative brand image in their mind. Consequently, your customers will cut ties with your brand when they are done with giving you chances to improve.

To prevent your customer base from shrinking, it is imperative to run a cloud-based call center and wipe out all the issues that traditional system causes. This will also enhance the support experience of your customers because they will be able to connect with agents quickly, as the whole interaction process will take place on a high-speed internet connection.

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❖ Boosts customer-facing agents’ performance

When you decide to run a cloud contact center, you directly pave the way for your customer-facing agents to be productive more than ever. The reason—they are exposed to well-developed software that allows them to perform multiple actions like putting customers on hold or transferring the call in a single click.

Besides witnessing a boost in performance, agents get peace of mind as well. Easy controls allow them to handle customers’ queries during peak hours appropriately and without getting frustrated.

Furthermore, you can record each interaction to assess how well your agents do when a customer approaches your brand for help.

❖ Cost savings

It may come as a surprise to you that using the best call center software in India is a cost-effective option for your business. According to reports, businesses can save up to 65% if they use cloud contact center software instead of the traditional phone system. Of course, it is beneficial where the bottom line is concerned and also allows you to invest additional funds in the core business activities.

Another benefit is that your team can work remotely, which means you can save significant operational costs. It is safe to say that using cloud-based applications is a wise move for businesses, especially during this covid-impacted era.

Well, this is all we have for you in this blog post. We hope you have understood what a cloud contact center is and what benefits it brings to the table for businesses. To read more insightful articles like this one, please click here. In case you are looking for outstanding call center telephony solutions, give us a buzz at 1800-1020-340.

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