5 New ideas to Decorate your Home


Find out what are the tricks to improve the design of your home with simple, economical and affordable solutions for everyone.

Decorating a space in the house does not only mean adding or removing something in that particular space, but filling a corner, a wall or a shelf with objects, memories and colors. By doing so we will observe that space with new eyes, pleasing ourselves with dear objects, remembering distant journeys, rejoicing with colors.

Obviously, as with almost everything in life, there is no interior design solution that is suitable for everyone and for every type of house and room.

The goal of this article is, therefore, to offer suggestions, ideas and opportunities. Something that maybe will change that corner of your home forever!

Hang some pictures:

One of the oldest and most effective ways to decorate a room, perfect for transforming an anonymous empty space called a wall into something to remember!

Choosing a painting is never easy and you will probably spend hours, or even days, deciding which painting to buy. A fashionable, elegant and never wrong choice is to focus on a famous painting, perhaps hand painted. If, on the other hand, you are a lover of innovation and minimal style, consider purchasing a set of canvas paintings on the online store, perhaps opting for naturalistic paintings, for a relaxing space in your living room!

Add color to the room with wallpaper:

The right wallpaper can revolutionize the look of a room. Placed on the wall of the internal staircase or on the wall in the living room, on which the sofa rests, the wallpaper suitable for the right wall is a real touch of class! Even more than for paintings, even choosing the wallpaper can be a matter of days! In the end, however, your efforts will pay off and you will have transformed a mediocre environment into a spaceā€¦ Well, space!

A tip: place the wallpaper on only one wall of the room, and not on all of them, to avoid the kitsch effect of your aunt’s living room!

Add some greenery:

What’s better than a little healthy green design? Another solution that never goes out of fashion, very useful for filling small spaces, window sills, low furniture and empty corners of the house. Placing a beautiful houseplant is one of the best choices you can make to take care of yourself and your home.

By opting for a mix of ornamental, decorative plants and spices, you will have the opportunity to welcome your guests in a healthy, beautiful and elegant space, and to serve them at the table dishes seasoned with your basil and your ornamental mint. Great, right? Tips to fix the leaking faucet

Don’t underestimate Curtains and Screens:

Separating the private space of your home from the outside world with a curtain is a decision that must be taken with determination. Such an important choice certainly cannot be taken lightly! So consider every opportunity well before buying a whole set for every room in your home. A great way to divide large spaces, or to create an intimate corner in your living room, is to place a decorative screen, which adds a touch of class to your home!

One last piece of advice:

Whatever path you have chosen to decorate the perfect corner of your home, do not forget to follow these two simple rules before buying something:

  • Evaluate the environment of your home in an organic way;
  • Choose a style for the whole house and try to stick to that style. Would it make sense to place a copy of a screen with the Mona Lisa on it in a minimal environment with a futurist style?
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