7 Tips to Build a Perfect Outdoor Bathroom


The external bathroom is a room installed outside the main house, making it the perfect environment for those looking for more practicality when enjoying a sunny afternoon around the pool or barbecue.

Therefore, if your client has a leisure area on the ground, be sure to bet on the construction of an external bathroom in the project. But, how to make the best use of this space? This and other questions are answered here. Check out exclusive tips on how to set up a small outdoor bathroom and get inspired by different environments!

Why invest in building an outdoor Bathroom?

Building an external bathroom on the land, in addition to adding value to the property, also brings practicality and comfort to those who wish to enjoy a sunny afternoon around the pool or barbecue. That’s because, the presence of an external bathroom prevents the entry and exit of friends and family in the main house, to make use of the room.

The construction of an external bathroom also brings safety and facilitates the use of this space by children and the elderly, as it prevents both from entering the main house wet, which favors possible falls.

7 tips for building a small outdoor bathroom:

It doesn’t matter if your outdoor bathroom has a few square meters, what matters is that the small outdoor bathroom project is done with planning in order to take advantage of every corner of the environment. With that in mind, we’ve separated some exclusive tips below that will certainly help you build a perfect small outdoor bathroom.

Measure well environment:

When building or renovating an outdoor bathroom, it is essential to pay attention to the dimensions of the space, that is, measure everything so that the essential items fit in the environment and do not compromise the movement of people or the functionality of the space. For this, consider having at least one sink, cabinet, toilet, trash can and shower stall. The structure of a comfortable bathroom needs to be at least 2m², and the spacing between the toilet, box and sink must be at least 30 centimeters.

Use custom furniture:

The choice of furniture is essential for the optimization of the external bathroom to be preserved. Therefore, cherish compact, practical and functional pieces, that is, leave aside only decorative furniture and invest in planned furniture with openings that facilitate the organization of the environment. As a tip, try to install suspended pieces, as this makes cleaning the place easier. Customized shelves and niches also help in the decoration and organization of the outdoor bathroom.

Invest in neutral and light tones:

The paint and coating of the small outdoor bathroom should also be chosen carefully. As it is a compact environment, the tip is to bet on neutral and light colors such as white, off-white, ice, light gray, beige, as they convey the feeling of spaciousness. In addition, neutral and softer colors are more versatile and favor different decor styles.

Make use of mirrors:

Decorative mirrors in addition to adding an air of elegance and refinement to the external bathroom, they also bring the feeling of spaciousness in the room, making it bigger than it really is.

Invest in Natural Lighting:

As it is an outdoor bathroom, prioritize the entry of natural light into the environment by using skylights, pergolas with glass, transparent tiles or windows. This layout, in addition to adding value to the project, will result in a lower energy bill. However, do not forget that the external bathroom must also be functional at night, so the tip is to invest in sconces, wall lamps or recessed ceiling lamps with white lamps so that users do not bump into the installed lighting. To know more about plumbing Services Consult here

Glass box with sliding doors:

The glass shower is a great option for the shower area of ​​the small outdoor bathroom, especially if the glass shower has sliding doors, as this mechanism optimizes space in the project. Some models even have apparent pulleys which makes the project even more stylish and personalized.

Pay attention to the ventilation of the environment:

The bathroom itself is considered one of the wettest environments in the house, so it is necessary to plan the room taking into account its ventilation system. Therefore, when building or renovating your outdoor bathroom, invest in windows, retractable roofs or even higher roofs that allow the passage of wind as shown in the image below.

Now if the external bathroom does not favor the installation of windows, retractable roofs or higher roofs, the tip is to install extractors both on the wall and on the ceiling of the environment.

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