Electric Scooter With Seat

Advantages of an electric scooter motorcycle:

  •  Eco-friendly vehicles : they are ecological vehicles since, as they do not work with a combustion engine, their emission of polluting gases is zero .
  • Zero noise and odor production , which is much more respectful both with the environment and with the rest of the population.
  • Lower costs : savings of around 90% of operating costs compared to a conventional motorcycle.

Ø  Lower refueling cost (around 80% less with a full charge, 0.30 Euros to cover a distance of 100kms): the total price of a complete recharge of the battery is much lower than the equivalent in gasoline. In addition, in the coming years, the price of fossil fuels will increase exponentially, as the deposits from which they are obtained are depleted. Faced with this, electric scooters have the advantage that they work only with electrical energy , with which they can be supplied based on renewable energy sources (wind, solar…), a sector that is increasingly on the rise.

Ø  Savings in municipal taxes due to the emission of polluting gases.

Ø  Lower consumption : an electric scooter consumes approximately 25% less than a motorcycle of equivalent power with a combustion engine.

Ø  Much less maintenance, less expensive and cleaner. For example, you forget about oil changes, gasket checks, engine part changes…

Ø  Cost of motorcycle insurance is similar to that of a conventional 49cc motorcycle.

Some Autonomous         Communities these vehicles have certain subsidies for their purchase, for example, this year in Navarra 30% of their value

  • Exemptions and reductions in taxes such as registration or circulation.
  • Acceleration is greater than or equal to that of a conventional motorcycle with the same potential, since the engine torque is greater.
  • An electric scooter does not require preheating, so it does not generate additional heat and it is simply, mount and ride. In addition, they lack gears, making their use more comfortable and simple.
  • Comfort : the scooters available on our website all have removable batteries , so you can comfortably charge them at home during the night, without having to go to recharging or refueling points. In addition, most of our models have two batteries as standard , making charging even easier (you can use one on the scooter and have the other charging at home).
  • Increasingly, technological advances strengthen electric vehicles as the vehicles of the future , due to their respect for the environment and their better energy efficiency .

Disadvantages of an electric scooter :

  • Higher initial cost : buying an electric scooter is more expensive than buying a conventional motorcycle. However, the costs in the medium and long term (as we have mentioned) are much lower and there is a net saving.
  • Less autonomy : in general, electric batteries offer less autonomy than a combustion engine, being able to cover fewer kilometers with each recharge, although this gap is increasingly being reduced . At LZA Motos we solve this problem by including a second battery in the motorcycles, so that each scooter has twice its base autonomy .
  • Battery recharge time longer than refueling with gasoline. However, as we have already said, the second removable battery allows for a second immediate charge , in addition to being able to charge both comfortably during the night.
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