Are prescription drugs expensive?

Are prescription drugs expensive?

expensive. Without insurance, it is expensive and painful. Especially on long-term medication.

Not every prescription drug will be reimbursed if you have insurance. The amount of copay varies depending on the insurance. As for which medicines can be reported and which medicines cannot be reported, this is not something I can understand. If the insurance does not report, you can ask the pharmacist to discuss with the doctor whether it is possible to change to medicine with the same effect but the insurance can report.

Different pharmacies have different drug prices. You can compare the prices of major pharmacies on, and then decide which pharmacy to go to to get the medicine.

When I didn’t have health insurance, I had mastitis that required 10 days of penicillin for $100. The pharmacist mm said sympathetically: You have no insurance, the medicine is very expensive! I said: I have to eat it if it is expensive… Now I have insurance, and I take thyroxine. The monthly drug fee is $16, copay pays $15, and the insurance company reimburses $1… You might as well stop reporting, do I miss you this dollar?!

And my child bought state insurance, and the antibiotics prescribed several times are 100% reimbursed, and there is no copay.

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Branded vs Generic Drugs

Both prescription and non-prescription drugs are divided into two types: brand name brand and generic drugs.

The most common antipyretic drug, acetaminophen, may be a bit of a mouthful, but when it comes to Tylenol, everyone knows it. Tylenol is a brand-name drug, developed and patented by Johnson & Johnson in 1955. After 20 years, the patent expires, and general pharmaceutical factories can also produce antipyretics containing paracetamol, but they cannot use the brand name of Tylenol. The medicines produced by these general pharmaceutical factories are called generic drugs. Generic drugs have also been certified by the FDA, and they are not knockoffs. The efficacy is the same as the brand-name drugs. The only difference is that they are cheaper.

If you want to save money, when the doctor prescribes the medicine, remember to ask the doctor if the medicine has a generic version. In the United States, doctors do not make money by prescribing drugs and do not deliberately prescribe expensive drugs. The thyroxine I took, Walgreens gave me generic, the drug cost was $16 a month, and my insurance copay for generic drugs was $15. If I ask to buy name brand, then the copay part is $30.

If you can’t even pay $15, or don’t have health insurance, and even cheaper drug prices, use Walmart’s $4 Prescriptions. The prescription drugs on this $4 Prescriptions List, whether you have insurance or not, cost $4 for one month (30 days) and $10 for three months (90 days), which is very cheap, see: ” No Medical Care ” How to save money on medical insurance in the United States? “.

In addition, the drug prices of Costco pharmacies are also famous for being approachable, even ordinary people without Costco members can go in to get medicines, which we have introduced in this article. If you buy medicines on the official websites of pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, etc., you can also use the cashback website. I just checked it, and if you use Ebates, you can get about 2-7% cashback, which can save a little bit.

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