Cell Phone Insurance

How to Profit from a Short Squeeze

Are you wanting to have a better cell phone and still don’t dare? Secure it and have it.

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine our lives without cell phones, especially the so-called smartphones. Many times when you need to verify your bank account, it’s one of the first things you look for. Need to buy something, but don’t want to go to a store? Order it from your cell phone. Are you hungry and without food at home? With your smartphone, you will be able to order your favorite food. Are you bored? Just use your phone to browse your favorite social networks. You can contact people through your favorite messaging app, or, on those rare occasions when you really feel like it; you can even communicate with someone.

But what if your precious cell phone falls and breaks? Such an important part of your life is broken, and its functionality is limited.

Luckily, smartphones can be insured against common events like accidental damage and theft. Of course, most people never think about this until they have an incident and realize they have to buy another, sometimes expensive, new device.

But not all ATT insurance for this type of phone is the same, which means that you will have the task of selecting the best option for your needs without affecting your pocket too much.

The first task is to check coverage. Are you absolutely sure that that amazing advertisement, launched on a super cool website, is going to cover your device if you jump into a pool with it? Remember to confirm whether or not liquid damage is included in your accidental damage coverage.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that most insurance policies do not cover loss or even simple theft – that unfortunate fact that can happen at any time or place and that you may not even notice at the time. Moment. The reason or cause you are not covered is because, most of the time, your insurance company cannot tell the difference between a real claim and a fraudulent one. You can believe it or not, but there are people who try to trick insurers into paying for a new cell phone simply because the old one is out of date or they are looking to get a new one.

Don’t forget to do a thorough review of your deductible! Smartphone insurance usually has one, so it’s not a good idea to wait until you file a claim to find out about it. Remember that the cheaper the insurance, the higher the deductible.

Finally, remember that the best insurance policies also include other coverage, such as the protection of wallets or bags (generally, the theft of a cell phone can also include the theft of other personal belongings). Other policies incorporate special services such as antivirus or protection of your personal information.

More importantly, make sure you select a solid insurance company to run your business. How can you know? Checking if they will repair or replace the device. Insurance companies that pay in cash delegate to the person the task of finding a reliable technical service that can repair it at a lower price or find another device, perhaps, of a lower model than the one you had, considering the net amount that you have after to pay your deductible.

In short, always look for the most suitable insurance! Things happen, and you don’t need to deal with it on your own, don’t go without coverage.

With this coverage, you will be able to secure your cell phone and enjoy it with total confidence while you are driving on public roads.


  • Fixed cost per month.
  • 24×7 coverage worldwide.
  • Telephone hiring.
  • Transfer assistance.


  • For over 18 years.
  • Credit cardholders.
  • The beneficiary is the insured.
  • A plurality of insurance is not allowed.

How many claims per year does the policy cover?

The policy is valid for 2 (two) events per year. After the 1st claim, the insured sum is 100% refunded.

Who can access it?

People with residence in Argentina and who are over 18 (eighteen) years old.

How many covers can I hire?

Only 1 (one) coverage per person may be contracted.

What should I do  in case of an accident?

The report must be made to the competent authorities without delay. Then, the corresponding complaint can be made to the company, presenting the requested documentation.

If I had two claims in a year, does the coverage end?

No, when coverage is renewed each year, the sums insured are renewed.

Who collects the benefit?

The beneficiary is the insured owner.

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