Common causes of chest pain

         Our health is very important to ourselves. This is true because good health would enable us to do a lot of daily activities without any problem at all. In order to maintain our health, we need to do some activities that can keep us in a good condition such as maintaining a healthy diet and also regular exercise. These two things are the most important thing to do if you care about your health. If you do not take care of your health, there is a high chance that you will get sick. One of the most common symptoms that most of us fear is chest pain. Why? The reason is that chest pain is one of the commonest causes of some chronic diseases such as heart diseases and also lung problems. However, not all chest pain always indicates a disease. There are some situations where chest pain is not serious at all. If you experience chest pain, you can always ask some questions (soalan) to your doctor about whether you should be worried or not. Furthermore, we also compile some common causes for chest pain in this article and you can take a look at it below:

1. Heart related causes

This is one of the most common causes for chest pain. The heart is situated at the center of our chest, so it is obvious that any pain that can be felt around this area might be related and coming from the heart itself. Usually, heart related pain caused will be accompanied by symptoms such as crushing pain that might go to the jaw, sweating, heavy and difficulty breathing and also panicking. The usual suspect for this symptom is heart attack and angina. Both of these diseases are also common heart diseases that can cause death. It happens due to blockage in the coronary artery.

2. Lung related causes

When we talk about the chest, one of the biggest organs in this area is the lung. Any chest pain might also relate to the lung. Usually, lung problems such as pulmonary embolism, pulmonary hypertension and also lung collapse can cause this symptom. When the lung is affected, it is common to experience symptoms of difficulty in breathing as well because the lung would have some problems in doing its job.

3. Digestive causes

Some people might not think that digestive problems such as heartburn, swallowing disorder or gallbladder problems might also cause chest pain. Why is this happening? The reason is that the pain might start from the source, but then it also has the ability to go to other areas, causing pain at the center of the chest.

4. Muscles and bone causes

This cause is often caused by an injury or trauma to the chest that might injure the muscles or the bones. The usual suspects here are injured ribs or sore chest muscles. These two are less common causes of chest pain. However, it still needs to be considered because it can be the reason for our chest pain.

5. Psychiatric causes

Psychiatric cause refers to any medical condition that can be caused by the brain. In this case, panic attacks can cause chest pain. Panic attack is a form of mental illness and this condition is actually very common among the people. When someone feels an intense fear or trauma at certain conditions or things, symptoms of panic attack such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, sweating and nausea will usually happen. People with this condition are advised to meet your doctor and discuss how to deal with this situation when it strikes again.

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