Effects of racial biases in higher education

Effects of racial biases in higher education

Racial biases or treating students differently based on race or colour is part of almost every educational institution. Even after so many developments and changes in the world still, people are not coming out of this racial discrimination. Racial biases in education happen when teachers or students in the class discriminate or behave differently with a certain group of people. Racial biases bring a pool of negative effects and impact on students as well as on the environment of the class. Even sometimes, teachers become a victim of racial biases. But when it is done from the teachers’ side, it impacts both students who are ignored and given extra attention.

But the issue, even after getting identified, is not solved.  

How is racial bias done?

Racial biases or racism is an action in which a major chunk of the population is involved. Some people do it intentionally or consciously, whereas others become part of it unconsciously. Even the people who admit that it is wrong or stereotyped are later on engaged in such activities and actions. So racial biases are the bitter reality of our society. Usually, the people who are targeted are on the basis of their colour, financial status, religion, disabilities and many more. These students are even not allowed to sit with the other students.

For instance, the most common example is that teachers give attention and preference to the white students. They only encourage them and give them a chance to speak all the duties and responsibilities are assigned to them. Only they can ask questions and participate in class actively. Even teachers show biases in giving marks and grades to the students. Irrespective of this, black students are always ignored in the classroom. Even if they are more capable than the other students in the class, they would still not get a chance to prove themselves or learn in a free environment.

Not only this, the same happens for the students who belong to a low financial background. The common perception of teachers is that students who belong to a certain financial background have ambitions, and only they are capable of performing well or have skills. They only focus on them. And they assume that it is completely fine if they are at a lower level of achievement or progress.

Students who are differently able to have any mental disabilities usually receive harsh behaviour from the teacher. They are more frequently get scolded or taunted for what they are. They are mistreated, and they are not allowed to participate in activities with other students. The instructor considers them as a burden for them. Students treated like this also affect their academic life and can not concentrate on their studies well; thus, they use online assignment help uk for help.

The students who belong to a religious minority or any other social group are also treated similarly.

Effects of racial biases in higher education

As it is a negative action, its effects are also negative. You will never find racial biases affecting any students, no matter their level, either in school, high school or university, and it will always adversely affect them. Following are the effects of racial biases in higher education.

Disruptive behaviour of the students

The students who face racism of racial biases are most of the time frustrated and angry. The research has shown that when students face discrimination on the basis of the matter or things that are not in their control or about which they cannot do anything, their behaviour becomes disrupted. The ignorance of teacher and class fellows make them angry, and they start responding with anger. They usually do not like to talk with anyone, and if they talk with someone, they become rude.

The environment of the class

When there are racial biases in the classroom, the environment of the classroom is very tense, stressful and unpleasant. It is not anymore an environment for studies or learning. The continuous tension, anxiety and negative waves become a permanent part of the classroom. That, along with the targeted students, badly affects the students’ academic progress and growth. Because most of the time, they are thinking about how they can humiliate or let down the victim. And the students cannot have a good ideal and friendly bonding with each other which help them to grow and learn.

Increasing dropouts

Racial biases are one of the biggest reasons behind the increasing number of dropouts in higher education. There is a major difference in the number of students who take admission in higher education and who completes the degree. There are a lot of students who leave their studies because of racial biases and continuous humiliation. These students escape from the situation and stress and start doing lower designation jobs. This creates achievement gaps among that specific age group. Along with that, in the worst scenarios, students can commit suicide and attempt suicide. 

Bullying and riots

Bullying is one of the important parts of racial biases. When there is racial discrimination, the students who belong to a minority or have racial differences are bullied. This bullying includes from taunting to physical assault. Even globally, there are so many educational institutions where extreme riots unpleasant incidents happen because of only racial biases. Even these incidents have caused the death of so many students. This also negatively impact the reputation of the institution.

Conclusion Racial biases in educational institutions need to be controlled rapidly, especially in educational students. When students live in this environment and witness all these things happening around them, it becomes part of their personality, and they also start behaving in the same way. Racial biases are destroying society, and they will keep destroying society until and unless it is stopped in higher education. Without any doubt, teachers are the ones who can play a very effective role against it. Because when the students learn to live and talk with people who are different from them, they come to know that it is not a big deal to live peacefully with them.

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