EU Pet Insurance Review

EU Pet Insurance Review

Traditional pet insurance has its perks, but some owners find the process lacks transparency and doesn’t cover everything they need. Eusoh is a community-based pet insurance alternative where pet parents join groups and directly fund each other’s veterinary expenses. Rather than handing over a flat premium to an insurance company, pet owners only pay for the actual care in the community. Since Eusoh did not keep any of these funds, the company cannot profit from the denial of the claim.

Does this new transparent veterinary coverage offer value to pet owners? We looked into coverage and cost to see how Eusoh compares to traditional pet insurance.

Professionals explain

  • Covers more types of treatments than standard pet insurance: Eusoh groups share the cost of treatments such as preventive care at no additional cost, not found in traditional policies.
  • Transparent pricing structure: The company only makes money from a membership fee of $17 per month for participants. The rest goes directly to the pet’s veterinary clinic.
  • Generous Referral Bonuses: For every pet, you refer to Yuso, you’ll get a $40 bonus.
  • No Registration Age Limit: There is no minimum or maximum age limit, you can register your pet.
  • Use any veterinarian: Eusoh accepts bills from any licensed veterinarian in the United States.

prisoner explained

  • Monthly variable costs (though capped): You have to put back a $48 deposit at the end of each month, but there’s no way to know exactly how much you’ll be paying. Additionally, you’ll pay a membership fee of $17, up to $65 per month.
  • Excludes Pre-Existing Conditions: Many pet insurance alternatives appeal to owners with pre-existing health coverage, but Eusoh isn’t one of them.
  • 30-day waiting period: You will not be able to submit any expense reimbursements until you become a member for 30 days. For most standard pet policies, the waiting period is only two to 15 days.
  • One-Year Commitment: You should stay with your Eusoh group for at least 12 months. If you leave early, your deposit will be forfeited.
  • Not customizable: There is no way to adjust monthly payments by changing your deductible or reimbursement rate

Available plans

Instead of offering multiple policies with different coverages and terms, Eusoh brings all members into the same standardized plan. Membership covers most expenses related to accidents, illness, and health preventive care with a few exceptions such as sterilization and dental treatment. Members must pay an annual deductible of $250, after which 80% of expenses will be reimbursed.

Once a pet is signed with Eusoh, the owner can apply to join the cost-sharing community. Group members generally range from 10 to 400 people. Before applying to join, you can see the average spending of each community over the past six months.

Plan Pricing

Eusoh’s pricing structure is a bit complicated, but it’s designed to give pet parents more transparency. The company charges a flat fee of $17 a month from members, its sole source of profit.

To cover the cost of treatment, members are required to put down another $48 deposit, which is replenished at the end of each month. To determine how much each member needed to supplement, Eusoh calculated the total cost of veterinary care for the entire group over that period and divided it by the number of members. That’s how groups share medical bills; everyone pays the same amount, no matter how many bills they file that month.

The good news is that even if the group’s veterinary bill exceeds $48 per member in a month, no one will be asked to pay more than that amount. Plus a $17 membership fee and any pet parent can pay up to $65 a month. The company says the total monthly cost averages $41 for dogs and $29 for cats.

waiting time

Once you are accepted by Eusoh Group, you will not be able to submit any fees within 30 days, or a full billing cycle. This is to prevent major veterinary bills shortly before the owner enrolls and then immediately forgoes coverage. Pet insurance typically offers a Shorter wait time of two to 15 days, depending on the type of treatment.

pre-existing conditions

Often, pet owners turn to insurance alternatives to find financial relief for their pets in pre-existing status, not eligible for reimbursement under traditional insurance policies. Unfortunately, that’s not good for you either. You will not be able to submit the cost of treatment for any medical condition your pet has developed before registration or within 30 days before the period of coverage.

Eusoh will not prevent your pet from registering due to a pre-existing condition.

Ultimately, your ability to join is up to the community members of each group. Pets with multiple prerequisites may not find groups that accept them. If this happens, Eusoh will refund your initial deposit and membership fee.

Coverage Restrictions

The annual reimbursement limit for all Yuso pets is $8,500. This is standard pet insurance offered at the lower end of the range. Insurance companies typically allow members to choose a limit between $5,000 and $20,000; some even sell unlimited coverage at a higher price;

Program Exclusions

Where Eusoh shines is the range of treatments that can be submitted to the community for reimbursement. In addition to most of the expenses related to accidents and illnesses, Eusoh also receives veterinarians’ annual inspections and health care bills. Both are almost always listed as exclusions in pet insurance policies, although many policies offer preventative care at a hefty premium.

That being said, there are some exclusions from Eusoh’s scope. Flea, tick, and heartworm preventive medicine; hydrotherapy or castration surgery; and tooth cleaning are all costs you have to pay out of pocket. Like traditional pet insurance, Eusoh doesn’t cover elective procedures like hair removal and grooming.


The process for filing a claim with the Eusoh community is almost identical to the process for reimbursement by pet insurance companies. When your pet needs a visit to the vet, you’ll pay for the care upfront and upload a photo of the bill to Yuso. The administrator will review the claim and calculate how much compensation you are eligible for. At the end of each month, you can withdraw the funds you owe by direct deposit.

Eusoh reimburses procedures based on the average price in your geographic area, you can log in to your Eusoh account to search. It is highly recommended to discuss prices with your veterinarian in advance; any charges over the Eusoh list price will be fully paid by you.

customer service

If you need to contact Yuso, there are several ways. The most convenient is through webchat, which can be accessed through the Eusoh website. Representatives are also available via email and phone, but the latter is only open Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST.

third party rating

Since Eusoh is not an insurance company, financial stability analysis firms such as I am the best. However, Eusoh does have an overall score of A+ better business bureau. The company has only received one BBB complaint in its three years of business.

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