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Companies have a significant demand for data scientists as data has become the key to managing a business in the Covid-19 era. Despite the increased need, finding a job as a data scientist or a big data specialist has always been difficult, as organisations prefer to hire people with advanced skill sets. Data scientists with these skill sets are in short supply, causing the sector to face yet another critical shortage. As a result, in order to stay relevant in the industry, big data experts must upgrade their skills through certifications.

Online courses have shown to be incredibly effective for data scientists who wish to develop their skills. Certifications, on the other hand, authenticate and affirm the abilities that have been taught. The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) is one such institution offering big data and data science certifications online. Let us skim through the institution and understand the steps to earn certifications.

Data science certifications by DASCA

DASCA’s certifications are well-known and trusted, and several well-known corporations have sponsored its certification programs. DASCA assesses each candidate based on the most complete universal data science knowledge framework in the world. DASCA certifications demonstrate a high level of knowledge in key areas.

DASCA is a vendor-neutral data science certification body that provides candidates with in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the subject. It offers certification programs to people who have experience in technology, business management, statistics, or related sectors.

Why earn DASCA recognized certifications?

data science certification online

The world’s most severe test-delivery standards, including Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) principles and Portable Custom Interaction Best Practices, are used to generate DASCA certification tests.

DASCA certification exams are available in more than 180 countries for registered applicants. Special testing arrangements for your staff or students can be made if you request the facility ahead of time.

Candidates can schedule a DASCA certification exam online using the myDASCA candidate dashboard. DASCA offers candidates 180 days from the date of payment to complete their DASCA certification. They will have a certain number of days to study, prepare, and take their exam.

What are the steps needed to earn data science certifications offered by DASCA?

DASCA certification

Candidates who have opted to take the DASCA examinations to gain data science certifications must begin studying immediately. This step-by-step guide has been expanded for applicants to use during their preparation. The following are the main processes to completing these exams:

  • Get familiar with the syllabus of examinations

If a candidate is not sure where to begin your Big Data Professional exam preparation, go to DASCA’s official website. Aside from the essential information, he/she will find a list of multiple tracks available under each certification, as well as a full list of topics he/she will need to cover for the upcoming certification exam.

  • Choose the right registration track

It is critical that a candidate validates his or her eligibility for the DASCA certification and selects the registration track that best suits their needs. Keep a check to see whether the DASCA certification you want suits your career demands and if you meet the minimal candidacy or eligibility requirements for each DASCA certification.

  • Gain additional knowledge from books and tutorials

Aside from the DASCA preparation kit, candidates can learn more about the topic and why data science certifications are crucial in today’s workplace by reading books, journals, and watching YouTube lessons.


Data science is a dynamic field that is always changing, and certifications are a great method for data science and big data professionals to maintain their competitive edge by allowing them to learn additional skill sets that are needed in the current circumstances while also validating those talents.

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