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If you have a motorcycle and you consider that basic third-party insurance is not enough, the best thing you can do is take out extended third-party motorcycle insurance. This type of insurance provides you with additional guarantees with which to protect your motorcycle in the event of suffering certain mishaps, such as, among others, damage to the driver, theft, or fire.

This type of policy is, in general, the most demanded among motorists since, in addition to offering greater coverage, the price of extended third-party motorcycle insurance is usually not much higher than the basic third-party insurance. It is, therefore, a very complete and economical option when it comes to insuring your motorcycle.

What additional coverage does extend third-party motorcycle insurance offer?

Extended third-party motorcycle insurance allows you to extend your insurance coverage without having to pay much more for it. The main additional coverages that these insurances usually include would be the following:

Driver’s insurance. This coverage protects the driver of the motorcycle in the event that he has been the cause of an accident. It generally covers health care, medical and pharmaceutical expenses, and hospitalization of the insured as a result of the injuries that he may have suffered in the accident. It also guarantees the collection of compensation if the driver suffers permanent physical damage (partial or total disability) or dies in the accident.

  • Theft coverage. This coverage guarantees you compensation when your motorcycle is stolen.
  • Fire coverage. It compensates you if your motorcycle is damaged by a fire, explosion, or lightning strike.
  • Management of fines. This coverage implies that your company will take care of the sensations imposed on you for infractions when driving your motorcycle. In other words, the insurer will be in charge of both managing the appeal if it understands that the fine is unfair and paying you the amount of the sanction if it is correct.
  • Roadside assistance. The objective of this coverage is to provide you with assistance in the event that your motorcycle, due to a breakdown or other unforeseen event, suffers a mishap that prevents it from circulating.

For whom is extended third-party motorcycle insurance recommended?

Extended third-party motorcycle insurance is a good option for any motorcyclist since, for a little more money, it adds other additional coverages of great interest to the basic coverage.

In any case, taking out extended third-party motorcycle insurance is especially convenient in the following cases:

  • If your motorcycle is already a few years old, although not yet too old.
  • If you often drive your motorcycle on the road. In this framework, for example, roadside assistance coverage is essential.
  • If the place where you usually park your motorcycle is not too safe. In such a situation, you should take out theft coverage.

Find extended third-party motorcycle insurance.

The easiest way to find the best extended third-party insurance for your motorcycle is to use a comparator that compares the prices and coverage provided by the different insurance companies. To do this, we recommend you make use of the practical and effective Doctor I motorcycle insurance comparator.

It is a very easy-to-use comparator since you only have to enter the data of the motorcycle and the driver to obtain in a few seconds a list with the best offers from the main insurers. This will allow you to choose the policy that best suits your budget and needs, thus saving time and money.

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