Five essentials of choosing the right Quran teacher

Five essentials of choosing the right Quran teacher

Five essentials of choosing the right Quran teacher

When you are planning to learn the Quran, it is mandatory to have a perfect teacher. You cannot risk the teachings of the Quran based on any teacher. Learning the Quran is essential for Muslims, and the Quran is the holy book so that the wrong teachings can take the people to the wrong and different paths of their lives. In all these matters, the teacher’s duty matters a lot. The way the teacher educates you about the Quran matters a lot. So, you should be clear with the list of essentials you want in your Quran teacher as we are up with the five essentials of choosing the right Quran teacher that might help you while searching for yours.

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Teaching Method

While looking for the teacher, you should be able to find what is right in your favor, what you are expecting from your teacher, what techniques you have in your mind regarding the learning of the Quran. As it is not easy to learn the Quran, you should be clear that it will be a long process. You should find a teacher whose teaching methods match your mind and thoughts. You feel that the teacher is not rude enough so that you can question easily. Most of the time, students don’t search for the teachers and end up with bad experiences. As teaching method matters a lot, you should see that at first and then decide for your teacher it will surely work wonders for you.


It is very important for a Quran teacher to have every knowledge of the religion and the holy book to deliver that to their students. Students must search before the teacher’s knowing what they know about the Quran, whether it is right or wrong. Will it matter in the learning process so that the answer would be a hundred percent yes? Because when you are listening to any person’s thoughts, you will be following that only.


The matter does not end on the knowledge only, but experience in this field also matters a lot. Experienced teachers know better about teaching, and they have so many kinds of techniques that can help the student learn fast and accurately. So while searching for a teacher, it is essential to look at their experience too.


In this time of the world, it is very hard to believe in someone. The people have been so needy that they only express their beliefs for the sake of money. Many people only pretend to be the teachers of the Quran and don’t know about the major and minors, which can be a bummer for you after. So you can try to test them by having cross-questions in that process; you will be clear about their knowledge and thoughts. Then you can easily decide for them.

Manners and behavior

While looking up for the teacher, you want them to be nice, gentle, generous, and kind to you. But what will happen when you know that your teacher sounds nothing like that?. So the manners and behavior of the teacher are so special. Suppose the teacher will behave according to the teachings of the Quran and behave following the methods of living off the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). In that case, the student will automatically adopt those in their life. So, in that manner, the behavior and manners are very important to look at while hiring the teacher.


In conclusion, in the sense of having the best teacher, you will have to go through a checklist and check all the essentials as mentioned above that your teacher should have and then appoint a teacher for yourself to learn the Quran. As the study of the Quran is not easy, this will help you to go through the way easily. This will make your experience of learning better than ever. You will not regret doing this in your life. Checking the teacher’s thoughts will make you calmer.

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