Geico vs. Progressive Auto Insurance 2021: Which is the best?

Geico vs. Progressive Auto Insurance 2021: Which is the best?

When it comes to which car insurance company you use, you have a choice, as there is almost no way around car insurance. However, this article prioritizes Progressive Car Insurance and Geico Car Insurance.

Geico and Progressive are two of the biggest names in the auto insurance industry in market share and written premiums.

Both companies are known for their low auto insurance rates, especially those with a spotty driving record. In our independent analysis, they both offer comparable rates within $ 20 per month for most drivers.

However, Progressive offered slightly cheaper rates for drivers under 25, on average $ 108 less per month.

Geico Auto Insurance

Gecko Geico has been telling us for years that in 15 minutes, you could save 15% or more on car insurance.

Our study found that Geico’s national average rates were among the lowest in the country for the driver profiles used to collect data.

That may be helping to increase Geico’s growing market share. At the end of 2017, Geico was the second-largest insurance company with 12.83% of the global insurance market.

According to our survey respondents, Geico’s strength is in the ease of filing a claim. Two-thirds of the respondents would recommend this car insurance to a friend, and 70% said they would likely renew with Geico.

Although it scored well in most categories, respondents were hesitant to give Geico the highest scores for overall satisfaction.

Progressive car insurance

Progressive is known for offering its competitors’ rates alongside its rates, thanks to the help of its friendly spokesperson Flo.

It was enough to move Progressive beyond Allstate to the number three position of the nation’s largest insurers, with 9.88% of the market in 2017.

People in our survey seemed equally satisfied with the ease of filing a claim and with Progressive’s customer service. About 60% said they would likely recommend the company and renew their insurance policy with Progressive.

GEICO vs. Progressive: Pricing by Credit Score

If you have abysmal credit, GEICO might be preferable to GEICO. On average, GEICO offers cheaper rates than Progressive for drivers with less than 580.

Drivers with exceptional credit (a score of 800 or higher) should opt for GEICO, which typically outperforms Progressive by $ 256 a year. See average insurance costs by credit level for Progressive and GEICO:

GEICO vs. Progressive: Bad Driver Fees

GEICO might be a better option than Progressive if you are at fault for a collision, fine, reckless driving violation, or DUI on your driving resume.

Every car insurance company prices policies differently after a violation, so feel free to shop around to determine which insurer is best for you.

GEICO vs. Progressive: Rates by Age

Auto insurance companies use the driver’s age to indicate risk and assign rates accordingly. Auto insurance is often more expensive for teenage drivers due to their inexperience and is relatively affordable for older drivers.

Since each insurance company evaluates ages differently, comparing rates and finding a great option is wise.

As a general rule of thumb, teen drivers should choose GEICO over Progressive – GEICO offers average annual savings of $ 4,740 compared to Progressive.

Aside from finances, there are countless pros and cons to GEICO and Progressive, including customer satisfaction ratings, discount programs, add-ons, and financial stability.

Make sure you get quotes and compare rates before buying a policy.

Geico vs. Progressive: Discount Comparison

In addition to the affordable rates, Geico and Progressive are often praised for the extensive list of discounts they offer to customers.

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