How are a moped and a motorcycle different?

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Although they can be confused by their similar conception, the truth is that there are great differences between mopeds and motorcycles.

They do coincide in a fundamental part, such as the advantages of moving around with these two-wheeled vehicles compared to those with four: speed of movement, ease of parking, less pollution or fuel savings make motorcycles and mopeds one of the best options for mobility today.

For the rest, both have a chassis, a handlebar, there wheels, lights, turn signals and other elements to circulate, but they are not the same . The differences begin in the size , the age to drive them, the type of card or license and the registration plates .

The engines

According to the DGT , mopeds are vehicles that are equipped with an engine with a cylinder capacity of no more than 50 cubic centimeters and with a maximum speed by approval of no more than 45 km/h .

For their part, the motorcycles have an engine with a cylinder capacity greater than 50 cc and a maximum speed by construction of over 45 kilometers per hour . This is one of the first borders that separate mopeds from motorcycles.

Driver licenses

Another line of division is the carnets . Mopeds can be driven from the age of 15 with an AM driving licence , but riders are not allowed to carry a passenger until they are 18 years old .

Meanwhile, to drive a motorcycle you must be in possession of the A1 license and the minimum age required is 16 years, which allows you to drive motorcycles of up to 125 cubic centimeters . Therefore, age marks another important difference. You can also drive motorcycles up to that displacement with the B car license (provided you are at least 21 years old and have held the license for three years).

traffic lanes

The differences are considerable in the routes of circulation. According to the DGT, on interurban roads “mopeds are only allowed to circulate on the hard shoulder to their right , if it is passable and sufficient, and, if it is not, they will use the essential part of the road.” In addition, they are prohibited from driving on highways and expressways.

On the other hand , motorcycles can circulate on any type of road in which circulation is allowed.

license plates

For anyone in doubt on the street, there is a way to quickly distinguish a moped from a motorcycle. The mopeds have a narrow vertical license plate with a yellow background and black numbers . License plates begin with the letter C (moped) followed by a series of three numbers and another series of three letters .

Motorcycle license plates are the characteristic white background and black numbers , like those on passenger cars. They feature the European blue band and a series of four numbers and three letters . They are of a more square size than the one of the cars to adapt to the dimensions of the rear of the motorcycles.

Naked eye

There are also variations in the aesthetic section of both. At first glance, mopeds can be distinguished from motorcycles by their size . The former always have smaller dimensions. Even the smallest displacement motorcycle is usually larger. The size of the tires can also offer a distinction between the two vehicles, since those of mopeds are smaller in diameter compared to those of motorcycles.

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