How many hours or how many stories do you?

Instead of thinking in terms of clock, thinking or how many wedding days you want to be captured, do you want your full story? From the moment you start getting ready with the bride and groom’s accompaniment, until when you go as a married couple and go at night.

From this point you can think about what is important, whether you want to do a photo shoot ready for the first dance, or maybe from the ceremony to the party only slaughtering the cake.

What is the time line for your day? What time do you get married, what time is the reception of drinks, night reception, cutting cakes and first dances.

Another thing to consider

  • Do you want them to get ready?
  • Are there many trips between ceremonies and reception venues
  • Do you want a photo of the first night dance and party?

Repairing the shot ready can be fun and memorable with your bride and groom, and photos of the first beautiful appearance like gay weddings los angeles when they see you in the dress can be emotional, your father sees you for the first time, it is a moment that is worth caught. More time allows the details to be captured, shots of table decoration, flowers, group shots, moments that you might miss, emotions on the faces of people and of course dance crazy that your guests want not to be captured on the camera!


If your ceremony and reception are not in the same place then when used for trips between the two, your photographer will take photos at the ceremony, confetti shot and then when you get into the car, they will then quickly get in a hurry to the reception of the place to Make sure they get the shot when you arrive.

How many hours do you have to order a photographer?

For traditional weddings, forget the hours and talk with your photographer about the time line for that day and what you want to catch, they can then offer and packages for you based on this.

The time lines and clocks will be different for couples who hold small intimate weddings in one location, with couples who hold large weddings and parties with ceremonies and receptions at different locations.

Coverage throughout the day

It tends to be around 8 hours and naturally matches most of the marriage, and of course is the most popular and general choice that allows you to be captured throughout the day. The cost for this will vary depending on the photographer and location.


Many photographers may have a half-day 4-5 hour package, this is ideal for couples who have small marriages or may be in accordance with their wedding day timeline, allowing for ceremonial photos, partner shots and receptions and engagement photography price

Half -day Coverage Suitable when:

  • You don’t want or need to get a ready photo
  • When your ceremony and reception is in the same location
  • You don’t want or need a dance floor photo
  • Marriage and intimate marriage

According to the clock coverage only suitable for running and small ceremonies, here you can have photos from the ceremony and photo shoot.

Talk to your photographer, tell them the time line for that day and what you want to catch, they will be able to give advice about how many hours they think they need and also the best package for you.

Fewer hours to save money?

If you see employing a photographer at a less price as a measure of cost savings then think about what you also miss.

Your photo is one thing you must show in the end, that is also the only thing that captures your day and all the details, the wedding can be expensive, but it is important to consider where you spend your budget and where you might stretch in a particular area and save others.

Do not forget…

More time and more photos are better than fewer time and fewer photos, you only get one chance to catch your wedding day and the story, you don’t want to have an extraordinary photo of your ceremony and then regret not having some beautiful photos From you and your bride and groom getti

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