How much does A2 young driver motorcycle insurance cost?

How much does A2 young driver motorcycle insurance cost?

Have you just passed your A2 motorcycle license and want to treat yourself to your first motorcycle? Find out in advance about the price of insurance. Indeed, young car and motorcycle driver insurance are more expensive. We will, through this file, explain to you how to pay less for your motorcycle insurance after obtaining your A2 license.


The A2 license is a motorcycle license for people over 18 years old. This is an intermediate license between the A1 license and the A license. This motorcycle license allows you to drive a motorcycle whose power is less than or equal to 35 kW or a three-wheeler with a maximum power of 15 kW. If you were born after 1987, you must also hold the ASR (road safety certificate). 

The training takes place in 2 stages. First of all, you must follow theoretical training, the highway code. Then, you will follow a practical training of 20 hours minimum including 8 hours on the track and 12 hours in circulation. Registration for the exam can be done yourself, but it is generally the driving school that will take care of this formality. 

The exam for the A2 motorcycle license is itself made up of two tests. The theoretical test, the code, is a questionnaire. To pass this exam, it is necessary to give at least 35 correct answers out of the 40 questions asked. Note that this exam is not mandatory if you have obtained another license within the last 5 years. 

The practical test takes place out of circulation and in circulation. The first test lasts 17 minutes and 30 seconds, the second lasts 35 minutes. 


A young A2 motorcycle driver is a driver who obtained his license less than 3 years ago. But, in the eyes of the insurance companies, it can also be a question of a person who has had his motorcycle license for a long time but who has never been insured in his name. 


The price of young driver motorcycle insurance is higher than for an experienced driver. Indeed, the insurance companies, when calculating the amount of the premium, take into consideration various factors, in particular the risk generated by this lack of experience. As a young driver is more likely to be involved in an accident, insurance companies apply an additional premium which increases the price of A2 young driver motorcycle insurance. This is applied in three stages.

In the first year, the additional premium is 100%. If after one year, the young driver has not been responsible for an accident, it amounts to 50%. If at the end of the third year, he is still not responsible for a claim, then the additional premium reaches only 25% to disappear at the end of the third year. 


There are several ways to lower the price of your A2 young driver motorcycle insurance. The first solution is to play on the guarantees. In terms of motorcycle insurance, it is possible to opt for third-party insurance, the minimum compulsory guarantee which makes it possible to compensate a third party in the event of a responsible accident. This civil liability insurance is the least protective solution since it does not compensate you if you are responsible for a claim. However, due to the additional premium applied to young A2 motorcycle drivers, it is better to bet on lower guarantees for the first three years. If you choose all-risk motorcycle insurance as a young driver, the price of your insurance will be much higher.

The second solution to limit the price of your A2 young driver motorcycle insurance is to choose your motorcycle carefully. Indeed, by buying a motorcycle with too large an engine capacity (even if you are limited with this A2 license), the insurance company may see here an additional risk of causing a claim. Who says additional risk, says compensation, the premium is, therefore, higher in proportion. 

Beyond the power of the motorcycle, it is more than advisable to take a used motorcycle. Indeed, the choice of the guarantee is often consecutive to the nature of your motorcycle. If it is new, its value is higher, it is, therefore, advisable to insure it against all risks. However, as we have seen, this more protective guarantee is naturally more expensive. 

Another important point to lower the price of your motorcycle insurance: protect it. Your insurance company will be more likely to lower the price if your motorcycle is in a garage overnight than if you tell them it’s parked on the street. 

Finally, if you do not intend to buy a motorcycle immediately, do not hesitate to put your name on the insurance of a loved one. As we have mentioned, a young driver is a motorcyclist who has not been insured in his name during the last three years. Being on another contract as a secondary driver will help you lower the price of your A2 young driver motorcycle insurance.


Another major point to mention when talking about lowering the price of motorcycle insurance: is the insurance comparator. 

Comparing allows you to make very significant savings. Indeed, insurance companies freely define the price of A2 young driver motorcycle insurance. Thus, by using an insurance comparator, you can obtain different quotes and thus find the best quality/price ratio for your insurance. The interest of the comparator is that it is a simple, fast, and free concept. In just a few minutes, without leaving your home, you can obtain a number of tariffs. Moreover, it is not useful to formulate your request several times. You enter your information about your motorcycle driver profile and your motorcycle once, and you’re done. No need to be a computer expert, 

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