How much does an Insurance Agent earn in the United States?


What is an Insurance Agent

What is an insurance agent ? An insurance agent is a professional who works for an insurance company , selling the products of said insurer to end customers, charging commissions for their sales. If your interest is to become an agent of this type, stay to read until the end so that you learn everything you need to know!

It should be noted that independent insurance agents are often confused with insurance brokers , but the difference between an insurance agent and an insurance broker is that while agents are dedicated to representing and selling insurance companies , those who are engaged in insurance brokerage represent their clients without being linked to any of these companies.  

There are two types of insurance agents , exclusive insurance agents who are committed under contract to only sell the products of a single insurer, on the other hand there are linked insurance agents , who can act on behalf of various insurers.

Salary insurance agent in USA

The salary of an insurance agent working in the United States is usually an average of $51,074 per year, although there are variations that range from $46,646 to $57,614 per year.

Let’s say you are Latin American, a professional in your country, with a few years living in the United States and the lack of knowledge of the language limits you in the work area. Have you ever thought about working as an Insurance Agent in the United States?

Today there is a high demand for Spanish-speaking agents as success in the insurance industry depends largely on customer service. What better experience for a client than being served by an agent who speaks their language perfectly? On the other hand, the income of an insurance agent can be as high as $50 to more than 500 dollars an hour, since we earn based on extremely attractive commissions. 

Many will ask, how is it possible to earn so much? …simply because the commission percentage is based on the annualized amount that the client would pay monthly. What do I mean? For example, if a client pays $80 per month for a policy and the company pays a 30% commission on the annualized to start, then your commission would be: $80 x 12 months x 30% = $288 

Imagine how much you would earn once your percentage rises to 35%, 40%, 45% or more as you meet the established goals. Aside from commission, many companies offer weekly and monthly bonuses based on your sales goals, so your hourly wage would be even higher. You’ve probably spent two hours (or maybe less time) serving that client, which makes this job even more enjoyable, not having to stick to a schedule like traditional jobs.

If you dedicate yourself 100% to this activity, we guarantee that you can earn between $40,000 to $60,000 a year and as your client portfolio increases and your clients refer you, your income can exceed $100,000 a year.

What is required to be an Insurance Agent?

  • A state license which is not expensive at all and we guide you to obtain it
  • A leader who trains you properly and transmits all the necessary knowledge to be able to adequately advise your future clients.
  • Lots of ambition and a positive mental attitude at all times.
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