How to charge an iPhone faster?- A brief advice from an iPhone repair shop in Southampton

Fast charging smartphones are a captivating experience for any iPhone user. However, not every iPhone user can achieve it. A guideline jotted down by an iPhone repair shop in Southampton will assist you in fastening the charging process of your iPhone.

In this article, you’ll not have tips and tricks for fast charging but how to achieve a long-lasting battery life for an iPhone. 

If you’re interested in acquiring knowledge about it, read it thoroughly.

Hacks by an iPhone repair shop in Southampton for turbo-charging

Who doesn’t love blazing speed charging in iPhones, tablets, and iPads? We are sure everybody does. You can do so by following these hacks listed below for improved battery life of iPhones.

Say no to wireless charging

The idea of wireless charging might sound appealing, but it can slow down the charging process in iPhones. The induction in wireless chargers produces heat which results in issues like overheating iPhones and severely affects the batteries’ lifespan. It can be the most significant reason your iphone charging process takes longer than usual. However, overheating issues can be fixed at a budgeted price by any phone repair shop.

Avoid external fast charging adapters

The concept of external fast charging adapters doesn’t go well with iPhones. They might be compatible with other smartphones, but smartphones do not attempt such tactics to fasten the charging process. It will damage your iphone batteries, and you might have to go to a phone repair shop for battery replacement.

Do not use laptop chargers

You might have heard of using laptop chargers for speedy iPhone charging. However, there is no truth in these myths. Laptop chargers or any other external charger are not compatible with an iPhone. And it will cause damage to the iPhone’s battery life if you have used a laptop charger to charge your iPhone recently. It is an excellent practice to get a quick assessment from an iphone repair shop in Southampton. They have a team of skilled technicians with extensive experience. You can also get your iPhone batteries repaired or replaced if needed.

Choose external batteries

So we have saved the best piece of advice for the last. To fasten iphone charging you can consider external batteries. They are a great source to cater fast charging needs of iPhone users. These external batteries are portable and won’t cause harm to the battery as well.

External batteries provide additional juice to fasten the charging process. You can have the best of both worlds with an external battery. It provides pace and induction charging which is way better than dysfunctional wired chargers.

Aspects of the best iphone repair company in Southampton

You can easily find phone repair shops to fix smartphone issues. However, finding a well-reputed one can be difficult. The qualities of a credible phone repair store you should consider are listed below:

  • Fast turnaround services
  • Affordable prices
  • Warranty of replaced units
  • Genuine parts

These features are the least you can expect from a phone repair store. You can utilize more profound smartphone repair services from Repair Labs. They provide high-quality repair, a friendly customer environment, and qualified technicians for every technical fixture.


In summary, we hope you were able to identify ways to fasten iPhone charging. Moreover, if the problem persists, you can drop to premium iphone service providers at iphone repair shops in Southampton

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