How to get a certificate of liability insurance?

How to get a certificate of liability insurance?

The certificate of civil liability is a document issued by an insurance company certifying that a person is well covered for the damage that he could cause to others. The certificate proves that the insured benefits from a civil liability guarantee, which means that in the event of damage, an insurance company will replace him to repair the damage (and therefore pay compensation) that he would have caused by his fault, negligence, or recklessness.

The certificate of civil liability is a document requested as part of many procedures. The document allows host organizations to prevent accidents by ensuring that the person being hosted will be well covered in the event of damage caused to third parties. The certificate can, for example, be requested from the trainee who signs his internship agreement, from new residents of an Ehpad, or from parents who enroll their child in the crèche. At the start of the school year, schools, colleges, and high schools can also ask parents to provide a certificate of civil liability for their child.

Where to find her

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In most cases, you should contact the company that insures your home. If you have taken out multi-risk home insurance, your contract automatically includes civil liability cover. This insurance covers all the occupants of the accommodation, and in particular minor children living in your home. But be aware that other contracts, such as those for school or student insurance, may provide for this guarantee.

If you are not covered by any insurance, you will need to take out an insurance contract with the company of your choice. You should then compare the rates and levels of coverage offered by insurers. The annual price costs on average a few tens of euros. But this price is that of the only civil guarantee: most often, the civil liability certificate will be integrated into a contract with broader coverage, such as housing for example.


Your request may be sent by post, but most often you can complete the procedures online (via your customer area accessible on your insurance website) or by telephone to save time. You will then obtain a civil liability certificate by email or by post. It is sometimes possible to download the document directly to your personal space on your insurer’s website. When sending a certificate of civil liability online, the document generally takes the form of a PDF file. These formalities are free.


The civil liability certificate, what is it?

A certificate of civil liability is a document certifying that you are well covered by civil liability insurance (or civil liability guarantee).

The civil liability certificate, what does it cover?

This insurance covers the financial consequences of material and immaterial damage caused to third parties, in the private sphere, by the subscriber of the contract or the persons covered by the contract as well as by the movable property and animals of the insured.

You should know that there is also professional civil liability insurance that covers bodily, material, and immaterial damage caused to any natural or legal person in the context of your professional activity. Its level of coverage and its price are then based on the activity carried out, the turnover of the company, and the number of employees.

The civil liability certificate, who can ask you for one?

The civil liability certificate may be requested by your child’s school at the start of the school year. Your own civil liability insurance should suffice because it covers all the people who live under the same roof as you (spouse, children, children of your spouse). It may even also concern your adult children who do not live in the family home if, for example, they are pursuing studies, without practicing professions, and they live on campus or in the city where they are studying. However, check the terms of the contract to be sure.

The civil liability certificate may also be requested by an EHPAD from its residents. The person accommodated must therefore prove that they are covered by civil liability insurance.


The civil liability certificate, who to contact?

Civil liability insurance is an insurance contract almost systematically included in multi-risk home insurance contracts. It is therefore very likely that you are covered without even knowing it. All you have to do is ask your insurer by mail, email, or telephone for a certificate.

If you do not have such insurance (this is for example the case of residents of an EHPAD who do not have accommodation and a fortiori do not have the insurance that goes with it either), you can take out liability insurance. only with an insurance company which will then provide you with a certificate.

The civil liability certificate, how much does it cost?

For civil liability insurance alone, the price is around €30 to €50. Be careful, however, most insurers will encourage you to buy packs in which this insurance is included (home insurance, car insurance, etc.). Of course, the amount of liability insurance varies from insurer to insurer, as do coverage levels and deductibles. Take the time to request quotes from several companies in order to compete and benefit from the insurance that best suits your needs at the best price.

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