How to get a duplicate insurance policy

How to get a duplicate insurance policy

Although the car’s documentation is kept safe, it may be lost due to theft or an oversight. To quickly solve this situation, it is essential to know the steps that must be taken to obtain a duplicate of the insurance policy and the rest of the documents that must be carried in the vehicle. 

Your health insurance card is proof that you have insurance. It is used when you visit a doctor, hospital, or another provider. But it’s also a quick reference that tells you how much you have to pay. Understanding the information on your card can help you plan for your health expenses and get the care you need.

First of all, it is essential to be clear about the papers that must accompany any driver in the car. In addition to the compulsory car insurance and the receipt of the last payment made, it is essential to have the driving license, the circulation permit, the receipt of the amount of the municipal circulation tax, and the Technical Inspection card accompanied by the last ITV report. And the corresponding sticker on the windshield. 

What to do to obtain a duplicate of the insurance policy? 

If the car documents are lost, the first step is to go to a police station as soon as possible to file a complaint. In this way, you can prevent third parties from using them and causing a significant problem. 

With the Police, it is possible to continue circulating legally, although it is advisable to obtain a copy of the papers as quickly as possible. 

To obtain a duplicate of the MAPFRE insurance policy, users have three different ways: 

  • You are accessing the Client Area with the number of the NIF, NIE, or passport document and the password. From this portal, you can consult the information on policies and receipts and obtain a duplicate of all the documentation you want. 
  • Through the telephone service. 
  • I was going to the nearest office of 2,945 distributed throughout the Spanish geography. 

How do you request a copy of the rest of the documentation? 

  • A driving license is a document that identifies the owner of the car. To obtain a duplicate, it is necessary to carry out the procedure in the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT). If you choose to go in-person to a Traffic Headquarters, you must request an appointment, although this procedure can also be carried out online or at Post Offices. 
  • ITV card or technical file: this document certifies that the vehicle is approved to circulate on public roads. To obtain a duplicate, it is necessary to request it at any ITV station since they are the centers in charge of issuing this receipt. 
  • Driving license: to obtain a new driving license, it is necessary to present the complaint, an updated photo, the DNI, and the official form completed at a Traffic Headquarters. You also have to pay the corresponding fee to get the card. 
  • Road tax receipt: a copy of this paper is obtained by requesting it at the town hall where the vehicle is registered. 

The loss of the policy or other documents is always a setback. It is interesting to know that some car insurance policies include motorist assistance coverage in these cases. The insured can make inquiries about any administrative procedure related to the vehicle. 

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