How to unclog a water pipe?


The clogged water pipe is a very unpleasant situation, isn’t it? And knowing how to unclog the water pipe can help a lot in solving this problem.

This situation causes a lot of discomfort, mainly due to the odor emitted, and knowing how to solve the problem is a great option. There are many tips and ways on how to unclog a water pipe, however, some are effective and others not so much. To find out what really works, keep reading this article.

Why is the water pipe clogged?

Knowing why this happens can be one of the ways to avoid the problem. In addition, it can also help in the most effective way to unclog the pipe. Finally, the possible causes of this event could be:

  • Pour cooking oil in the sink. Due to the fact that the fat is more consistent and becomes harder after it reaches the plumbing, it makes it difficult for water and other waste to pass, as it prevents them from passing correctly, causing a clog.
  • Throwing leftover food in places with access to plumbing. This attitude causes clogging, as some of the food dispensed has a large amount of fat, which is fixed on the walls of the pipes, preventing water and other residues from passing through correctly.
  • Throwing loose strands of hair in places with plumbing, such as toilets and shower drains. This causes clogging in the water pipe because the wires create a certain type of screen, something that prevents water and other waste from passing through correctly.
  • Discard personal hygiene items (toilet paper, cotton swabs, external absorbents…) in inappropriate places such as the toilet and sink. This causes clogging because, for example, the absorbent is composed of plastic and cotton, components that cause a mass that is difficult to eliminate.
  • Not having a frequent cleaning routine. This interferes with clogging, because when the drains and sinks are not cleaned, there is a greater chance of clogging. For Drain Servicing in Texas Consult here

How to identify a clogged water pipe?

There are some signs that indicate if there is a clogged pipe, these can be:

  • Water coming back down the drain. When you have a blockage, it is noticeable that water comes back, even if it goes down, some time later it comes back little by little, meaning that there is some impediment.
  • Drain with higher or lower water level than normal.
  • It takes time to drain the water.
  • Characteristic noise. When the plumbing is clogged it is common for it to make a gurgling noise. If you happen to hear this one, and that’s the case, you can then contact a plunger.
  • How to unclog a water pipe?
  • Knowing how to unclog the water pipe is essential to have a certain independence, and especially to know how to solve the problem, if it occurs. Some ways used are:
  • Pouring hot water, this will have the function of melting whatever is obstructing the passage, consequently unclogging the water pipe.
  • Another way that can help is to use hot water with salt. For this you need to pour a cup of salt and two liters of hot water. To be effective, you have to pour the water all at once, cover the drain if necessary, so that there is no air outlet. You get a pressure and you will eliminate the waste.
  • Even more, you can use soap powder instead of salt. The use of this product has a lot of results when the clogging is caused by fat. Also, you have to wait for the action to take effect.
  • Use caustic soda. It should only be used as a last resort. To use it, you need to be very careful, one cup is enough. Pour the soda and immediately after pouring a liter and a half of hot water, once is enough.
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