Individual stock options with high risk and wealth management insurance are more secure

Individual stock options with high risk and wealth management insurance are more secure


Since individual stock options have not yet been officially opened in China, and the relevant laws and regulations have not yet been perfected, investors participating in individual stock options not only have narrow investment channels but also face greater risks. It can not only diversify the high risks brought about by participating in individual stock options, but also further consolidate the protection of the insured. It is one of the rational investment tools for investing in individual stock options.

Soaring CPI, investment losses, how to use insurance to resist financial crisis!

 As a derivative, individual stock options have higher investment risks than ordinary stock trading. Moreover, my country has not yet opened options, and there is no physical options exchange. Investors can only participate in individual stock options through banking channels and foreign investment channels. For the first person to eat apple-crab, there is also a higher risk to enjoy the deliciousness of the crab.

 In addition, industry insiders predict that the formal business plan for individual stock options is expected to be available in late March 2014. At present, individual stock options are still in the testing stage, and some details are still to be resolved, such as the market maker system is still immature, and the lack of market liquidity causes the option price to not fully reflect the authenticity of the stock price. Under this investment background, investors often take a lot of risks when participating in individual stock options. To avoid these risks from adversely affecting the lives of investors themselves and their families, it is undoubtedly necessary to match a wealth management insurance plan when building an investment and wealth management plan. be sensible.

 Compared with other investment and wealth management tools, the biggest advantage of wealth management insurance is to transfer risks and obtain protection. Investors only need to pay a certain premium to the insurance company and sign an insurance contract to transfer certain risks to the insurance company to achieve the purpose of protection. A good insurance plan is what you and your family can rely on for life.

┬áThere are generally three types of wealth management insurance launched on the market: participating insurance, investment-linked insurance, and universal insurance. Participating insurance is life insurance that integrates three functions of risk protection, savings, and investment Insurance products with longer insurance periods. When buying, be aware that the salesperson’s demo bonus during the sales process is not a guaranteed bonus. The actual dividend level is determined by the actual operating conditions of the company. Investment-linked insurance does not promise investment returns, and all investment gains and losses are borne by the customer. It is suitable for policyholders who pursue high returns on assets and at the same time have a high-risk tolerance. Universal life insurance is a comprehensive life insurance product that includes insurance protection functions and has at least a certain asset value in one investment account. Before applying for insurance, you should refer to the guaranteed minimum interest rate of various universal insurances), cost reduction, risk premium deduction, death insurance premium and policy value, etc. In the case of similar protection functions, there is no initial management fee and guaranteed minimum interest rate when applying for insurance. The taller is better.

Tips from Huize: Participating in individual stock options at the beginning of the launch often brings higher economic risks to investors. When you build an investment and wealth management plan, you can use wealth management insurance to diversify the high risks brought about by participating in individual stock options. And also get guaranteed. Choosing the right wealth management insurance is also inseparable from the choice of a professional insurance platform. We recommend, the largest insurance e-commerce platform in the country, and the best insurance channel for you to choose the right wealth management insurance.

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