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Six reasons to work in the sector you never imagined

There is one thing that is more than obvious and another that usually happens. What is more, than evident is that everyone’s dream is to find a good place to work. What usually happens is that people who are deciding their personal future do not think much about insurance as a suitable place for it. Well then: both facts are incongruous; because it turns out that if there is a place where it is a good idea to work, that is the insurance company. Here we are going to give you several reasons for it:

1. Because it is a very safe job. Yes, it sounds like a silly play on words, but it’s the truth. 96% of insurance employment is permanent employment. You won’t find that in many more sectors. Beyond the contract being stable, the sector is too. In neither of the last two major economic crises (that of 2008 and the current one, caused by COVID-19) has employment been destroyed in the insurance sector.

2. Because it pays well. Salary is not the only factor in choosing a job, but let us agree that it is important. And, in this field, the statistics tell us that insurance is among the elite of the ten sectors that pay their employees the best.

3. Because there is room for all kinds of professional profiles. The digitization process in which the sector is immersed and its constant need to adapt to the new realities of society means that the insurance and chase saving account industry requires all kinds of profiles. Although many think that only actuaries and lawyers work here, the truth is that for insurance to fulfill its function, computer developers, experts in big data or artificial intelligence, marketing professionals, etc., are also needed.

4. Because our labor relations are top-notch. The insurance sector has been practicing a fluid and evolved collective bargaining policy for many years. For this reason, within the framework of the sectoral agreements, a complementary pension system has been agreed upon so that insurance workers can receive complimentary income to the public pension.

5. Because non-salary benefits are implemented. Each company is a world, but it can be said that in the insurance sector, there is a wide range of benefits added to the salary for workers. We are talking about various aids or access to individual or collective insurance, among many other things.

6. Because it allows you to continue growing. Being well is not incompatible with being even better. That is why the insurance sector ensures that its workforce can always continue to grow.


The insurance industry is constantly growing, which is why it is looking for talented young people who want to join their team and work towards the new challenges in the sector: digitization and product customization, thanks to big data. To this end, it has launched the campaign An Insured Future, where the employees of the sector explain their experience in a little-known environment but with many employee benefits. Visit the campaign page.

The project, which is part of the We Are Safe initiative, seeks to provide greater visibility to the insurance industry as a professional opportunity. For this reason, it is especially aimed at young people, both those who are studying and those who have already started their professional careers.

An insured future highlights the diversity of professionals that insurance needs on a daily basis. Experts in programming and databases, economists, graduates in business administration and management, specialists in marketing and communication, mathematicians, statisticians, lawyers, engineers. They all have an outlet in the sector.

The project has counted from the beginning with the involvement of numerous insurance professionals. This is demonstrated by the fact that 92 people attended the casting to participate in the videos of the initiative. Finally, 20 people have participated in the general campaign video, and, additionally, individual interviews have been recorded with a dozen more employees.

In addition to the interviews, the An Insured Future portal includes a description of what working conditions are like in the industry: indefinite contracts, parity, continuous training.

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