Is it good to print custom packaging with a logo in 2022?

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Normally, we begin with a brief explanation of the grandeur of custom boxes, but today we will begin with a query, the question that arises in people’s minds and drives them away from using custom boxes at all. So, is it good to print custom packaging with a logo in 2022? Well, the answer is both thorough and straightforward. Yes, imprinting a logo on custom packaging is impressive. Continue reading to find out why!

Custom boxes are an excellent approach to establishing a strong brand in the marketing industry. It opens up a new world for you to explore. With thousands of rivals, only one-of-a-kind and creative custom packaging can set you apart. Best of all, it is an excellent strategy to increase your sales since the usage of personalized boxes causes your brand to become known among regular people, therefore executing marketing on your behalf.

Is it good to Print Custom Packaging with a Logo in 2022? 

The New Year brings a new set of fresh marketing methods. Every year, something new becomes fashionable, and it becomes en vogue to reach the target demographic. However, custom boxes are versatile; whether it is 2012 or 2022, the use of custom boxes is equally necessary for both years to win clients. However, there are numerous methods to design a custom box. Anything from bright patterns to colorful designs can be imprinted. But there is one thing that never goes out of style: logos. Logos pave the way for new marketing approaches. So it is reasonable to state that it is good to print custom packaging with a logo. 

Importance of Logo on Custom Packaging: 

The logo is undeniably important in the marketing sector. It not only helps the brand establish a strong first impression but also serves as a promotional tool. Above all, it distinguishes you from your rivals by making you appear more enticing. Some of the points mentioned below satisfy your curiosity, is it good to print custom packaging with a logo in 2022

  • According to the survey, businesses have less than two seconds to establish an impression that will last a lifetime. You just have seconds to target your potential buyer, and while they won’t be able to evaluate the quality in that two seconds, they will notice your packing. As a result, packaging can either make or ruin you! Having unique packaging with your logo on it speaks for itself. It will easily capture the attention of customers. In a nutshell, having a good logo can efficiently draw attention to your brand, for you! 
  • Although a logo is only a design, it plays an important part in defining your company’s foundation. People usually don’t recall the company’s name; they just remember the logo and the packaging. From fonts to drab hues, everything you use to create custom packaging with a logo communicates your concealed narrative.
  • Most importantly, a logo makes you stand out in the market. For example, suppose you are a bakery that sells practically everything that the next bakery does. So, why would anyone purchase from you? Because of your packaging and branding, to be specific. Quality is always second, unique packaging is first. It serves as a reflection of your own individuality.


The points discussed above will assist you in answering the question, is it good to print custom packaging with a logo in 2022. In a statement, yes it is. It is an effective marketing and promotion technique. It helps you make a memorable first impression and, more importantly, it is an important step in establishing the foundation of your company.

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