Learn the basics of Medicaid

Learn the basics of Medicaid

Because it’s a type of insurance, the description of a Medicare supplement often contains terms and regulations that can be confusing to many shoppers. We’ve included this section to help you understand exactly what each plan and company has to offer.


Medicare Supplemental Insurance can only be purchased by those covered by Original Medicare: A and B. Seniors with Part C, or Medicare Advantage, cannot purchase Medicare Supplemental Insurance.

Insurance is Private

While Medicare is a federal program, it is important to realize that Medicare supplemental policies are provided to consumers by private insurance companies, not the government. However, both federal and state governments regulate the programs offered. Every insurance company can decide what plans it wants to offer.

Standardized Plans

All available plans are standardized and will provide the same basic benefits, but some companies may offer additional benefits beyond what is required. Currently, available plans include A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N. So while the cost of a plan may vary, plan A must cover the same from one company Something as any other company’s plan A. Only Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin have standardized plans that differ from the rest of the country.

Due to new regulations, Plans C and F are no longer offered to enrollees of new medical treatments. However, anyone already planning a C or F will be able to maintain coverage. and January 2020 Those who were eligible for Medicare before January 2020 can still choose Plan C or F.

Supplemental Medicare

When you buy Medicaid, you may see companies use the term “Medicaid.” Medigap is another popular term for Medicaid insurance. Some websites may also use the abbreviation MSI.

Plan Types

Some plans have a high deductible, selective and innovative options. The government does not require companies to offer these options.

  • High deductible: High deductible plans offer lower monthly premiums but higher annual port outlays.
  • Plan of Choice: With a Medicare plan, patients can often choose any doctor who accepts Medicare without a referral. But if patients have a Select supplement plan, they will be asked to choose from a smaller network of pre-approved institutions and physicians. However, the premiums for Select plans are generally much lower.
  • Innovative plans: Innovative plans generally have higher premiums than standard plans. But they include additional benefits such as dental insurance and vision insurance.

Prescription Drug

Medicaid does not cover prescription drugs. However, customers who want this coverage can enroll in Medicare Part D, which is offered by many companies that offer supplemental plans for Medicare.

Pricing Structures

When shopping for Medicare supplements, you may encounter three different pricing structures that affect how much your policy costs. The pricing structure used will be determined by the company issuing the policy as well as state law. These pricing structures are:

  • Reached age: Reached age pricing will be cheapest when you start at age 65. However, the premiums for these policies will increase each year, making them more expensive over time.
  • Community Rating: Community-rated pricing means that premiums are the same for all people living in a given area, regardless of their age. However, factors like sex and tobacco can still factor into the cost.
  • Age in question: The rates for these plans are determined by the age you were when you first purchased the plan. But they don’t automatically increase every year.

How We Choose the Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies

The insurance world is big, and there are hundreds of companies across the country that offer supplemental health insurance plans. So, to narrow it down and choose the best companies in the industry, we considered the following:

Various Plans Offered

While countless companies offer Medicare supplemental coverage, many offer only one of the 10 available. We focus on searching for companies that offer most of the plans available. These companies offer potential clients the greatest options to choose a plan that suits their needs.


Many insurance companies across the country offer supplemental Medicare coverage in only a few states. While the companies on our list function hard to find true nationwide coverage, they can serve most of the country. However, not all plans will be available everywhere.

Company Integrity

When shopping for something as important as health insurance, choosing a provider you can trust is critical. Therefore, we focus on our search for companies that are widely regarded as trustworthy and have a long history of providing insurance services to our clients. To determine this, we looked at award-winning factors, better Business Bureau ratings, and customer reviews.

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