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Online madrasa offers some of the best online Quran teachers and Islamic courses to people from all over the world. Thanks to Allah, Online madrasa has become one of the pioneers of Online Quran classes in the world now. Today it provides many Islamic courses that make

Prosperous features of the course The translation of the Koran is considered a difficult task. There are some explanations behind this view. One of the main reasons is that many Muslims around the world do not speak or understand Arabic as their first language.

Learning to read the Quran is a good start, but the ultimate goal of Muslims is to understand the contents of the Scriptures so that we can apply it in our daily lives. The purpose of this online quran course is to help readers better understand the Koran by initially studying words for the word meaning of the Quran and then advance to translating the complete verses of the Quran. This course will help you understand the stories told in the Koran, and God’s instructions for humanity and many more.

At the end of this course:

 You will be able to:

Do word to word translated al -Koran. Perform a complete translation of the Quran. Better understand the Quran message. Understand the basic Arabic language so that you cannot be misled by anyone with artificial translations from verses or traditions. Get more in-depth insight about the ins and outs of Arabic. Understand your priest when he reads in prayer. Memorizing Quran Online and Tafsieer Class in NYC Memorizing the Koran includes physical, mental, and spiritual journey that will improve one’s relationship with God and someone’s relationship with their community. The Quran memorization program does not require a certain age or level of education. Conversely, those who want to develop their faith and receive benefits in this life and then must do it.

For whom this course?

This course is intended for individuals who already have a good understanding of reading Arabic and knowledge about the rules of tajweed (pronunciation) and how to read the Quran will greatly help make things easier for newcomers.

Prosperous features of the course This is a fantastic program for children who want to learn the Quran. Kanak -Kanakak is the ideal time to learn the Quran because it is the best age to understand and memorize easily. However, if you are an adult who wants to learn, don’t let it prevent you. One of the most useful things that Muslims can do is memorize the Quran.

We help your children through the process of memorizing the Quran in every step. We want to turn your child into a high-level Hafiz-e-Quran under the supervision of our quran tutors who meet the requirements.

At the end of this course:

 You will be able to:

Memorize the Koran from beginning to end. Get comprehensive knowledge about Tajweed regulations. Revised Approach to Mastery of Quran Reading (Qirat) Islamic Basic Education and Daily Compliance (Duas) In addition to the Quran online tutoring in New York, offers Islamic basic education courses and daily (two) requests that will give them an introduction to the basic Islamic principles and help your children memorize two shorts and the Surah of the Quran.

For whom this course? This course is intended for children and beginners who have just started by reading the Quran and reading. This course will help you understand some Islamic fundamentals.

Prosperous features of the course

You will learn about the five pillars of Islam: faith (tawheed), prayer (prayer/namez), alms (zakat), fasting (Sawm), and pilgrimage (pilgrimage). You will also get acquainted with daily duas that are repeated while taking various actions. The short memorization of the surah from Chapter 30 of the Quran will be encouraged.

At the end of this course: You will be able to:

Know the fundamentals and principles of Islam, including five pillars. Know how to make applications everyday according to Islamic principles. Memorize six Kalimas and two others for daily activities. Memorizing short surah must be memorized. And much more. Arabic course Arabic is used in many countries around the world. Because of the influence of Arabic in their area, even non-Arab countries are families

You can take advantage of a number of different program . There are comprehensive programs for kids, teens, and adults, each with a number of different levels and topics. If you’re looking for free online Quran teacher for kids or basic online courses for adults, you can find them here

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