The Innovative Holi Celebration Ideas To Enjoy This Festival

Holi Celebration

With Holi 2022 approaching, most of us are recalling the good old days when we could have been dressed up in our Holi celebration special outfits and ready to soak in the spirit of color, water, and of course the festivities. But, before you feel sweet about not being red, green, and yellow this Holi, let us tell you that there are far more ways to celebrate Holi than you think. We know that the pandemic has actually changed the way Holi is celebrated in India, but surely Covid, the festival of Indian colors, cannot fade. Read on to know how you can celebrate Holi with full vigor!

Here are some Holi Celebration Ideas to enjoy this festival

Cook up a storm this Holi

Looks like you can’t celebrate much with friends and family right now? Spend the day browsing and make some delicious Holi recipes with your family. If you have small children in your house, choose some dishes that they can help you cook, such as barfi (traditional Indian sweets) and chili (milk-based Indian drinks). Talking about food and Holi, how can we forget the infamous Gujiya (Pakodas), Shakarpara, and Mithi Sev which are the staple food for Holi celebrations in India. If you want to miss out on traditional recipes, bake a delicious cake and use colorful frosting or sprinkles to decorate it. Wondering how to get all the ingredients for these dishes?

Host a virtual Holi event

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Organize a fun fluid painting session

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Play some fun Holi music 

Not playing Holi outside doesn’t mean you can’t focus on some classic Holi music, right? Make a list of your favorite songs that you have heard in the Holi celebration over the years and bring home that vibrancy. Start creating a playlist from the very beginning and be sure to include songs that your family members will love too. With this idea, see how in minutes your house turns into a party place. But what is a party that is complete without delicious food? When you enjoy your favorite food and dance throughout the day, order from our partners, Zomato and Swiggy, to earn miles.

Make and sip on thandai

Is Holi ever complete without any cold? Check out the online recipe for a step-by-step guide on how you can make chili at home itself. Usually, the recipe requires you to do some preparations a few hours in advance so that you can enjoy the authentic taste of homemade chili. But if you’re not in the mood to make a coolie at all, choose ready-to-make premixes available in the market. When you’re going for a brisk run of groceries, especially to pick up some groceries for Holi, remember to use a co-brand card to pay for your shopping to earn miles.


There are many ways in which you can celebrate Holi by staying safe in your home. Let us be your partner this Holi celebration, making sure you earn rewards even while celebrating from home. Shop online, order some delicious food, and spend a lot of time with family as we help you earn miles from it.

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