The Saga Experience: A River Cruise Unlike Any Other

Saga Cruises are unlike any other river cruise company in the industry, and this special experience begins the moment you book your river cruise through them. Dhow Cruise Dubai The Saga Experience is something that sets Saga Cruises apart from its competitors, and allows it to surpass their guests’ expectations with its unparalleled service, VIP excursions and so much more included in the price of your river cruise fare! Check out these five different aspects of the Saga Experience below!

An all-inclusive luxury holiday

Some people think all-inclusive holidays are just for cheap tourists – but in fact, they can be very affordable and a great way to take a vacation when you don’t have time to plan your own trip. The trick is to be clear on what you want before you start planning. For example, do you want sun or culture? Do you like hiking and adventure sports or would you prefer some downtime at the resort? An all-inclusive vacation can give you both options at a surprisingly reasonable price. And as long as you know what to expect beforehand, it won’t feel like a compromise. You might find that an all-inclusive holiday provides everything you need while giving you an experience that is truly unique. And there will certainly be no shortage of things to see and do!

VIP service

The VIP treatment is what makes a river cruise with Saga so special. And it’s also something that most other lines don’t offer. The best way to describe it is as a combination of all-inclusive luxury, hand-holding service and world-class cuisine—meals that are perfectly paired with beverages, of course!

Activities included

Cruising on a luxury riverboat, excursions and entertainment. The latter two components are pretty self-explanatory – they’re what make you want to go on a cruise in the first place! But it may not be quite so obvious that you should always expect a few activities while onboard as well. Whether they’re pre-booked by you or organised by your crew members, such activities include everything from cooking demonstrations to trivia contests.

What you can expect

If you’re looking for a cruise experience with an extra dose of luxury, then look no further than Saga Cruises. This cruise line includes VIP travel service, exclusive excursions and even free champagne in your cabin. Many travelers praise all of these perks, especially those who have traveled on other cruises that don’t offer them as standard. Our customer Sara had such a positive experience that she said it was the best holiday [she has] ever been on!

The expert staff

Every member of staff on a Saga boat has been hand-picked. From our cheery and helpful receptionists to our caring and hardworking waiters, not only are they knowledgeable in their area of expertise but they’re also all friendly and warm people who you’ll get along with effortlessly! Dhow cruise Deira Their main job is to ensure that your trip is comfortable and relaxing. They will always be willing to help you, so if there’s anything you need then don’t hesitate to ask them.

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