The Top 6 Online Courses for Cloud Computing 

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There are a wide variety of online courses on cloud computing you can take depending on your interests, goals, and background. In this guide, we’ll take you through the best online courses available today so that you can find one that suits your needs as quickly as possible! Let’s get started! 

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1) AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (CSA-Associate) 

This credential demonstrates that you have significant hands-on experience designing distributed applications and systems on AWS. In addition, you know how to build highly available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, scalable systems on AWS. This course is designed to prepare you for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (CSA-Associate) exam. Along with official AWS training materials and exams, it covers concepts needed to help candidates achieve a passing score. 

2) Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) 

According to Red Hat’s official certification matrix, LFCS is designed for experienced system administrators who want to use Linux® operating systems, specifically Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, in a production environment and are interested in gaining certification. The LFCS exam covers installing, administering, maintaining and supporting enterprise-level Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems in both physical and virtual environments. 

3) AWS Certified Developer – Associate (AWS-CSA) 

If you’re brand new to AWS, or even just to cloud computing in general, you might consider first getting your AWS certification. The AWS-CSA certification is ideal for developers of all levels, as it requires no prior experience with AWS. It’s designed to get you familiar with using key services and features so that you can build your applications on top of them. You will also learn about AWS DevOps practices when working towards your certification. By obtaining your AWS-CSA certificate, you show employers that you have what it takes to become an expert on AWS which will most likely get you hired quickly, regardless of previous knowledge. 

4) Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHCSA) 

There are a plethora of cloud computing certifications, but none are more respected than those from Red Hat. This course is designed to introduce you to cloud based technologies and help you develop skills that will make you eligible for a job as a system administrator in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Upon completing it, students can then work toward their RHCE certification (which requires an additional exam). We recommend taking either RHCSA or RHCE first. This course isn’t too challenging if you have some familiarity with server technologies. But getting both certifications means you could apply your new knowledge not only to a career in RHEL but also into roles such as sysadmin/devops engineer. 

5) AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Certification (AWS-CSA-Associate) 

The AWS-CSA certification is designed to validate that candidates have gained knowledge in designing and deploying applications on AWS. The exam will test your ability to design and deploy secure, cost-effective, highly available, fault tolerant, scalable systems running on AWS. It will also test your ability to monitor performance, maintain operations and perform day-to-day management of an application. In order to achieve AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate you must pass two exams, one focused on design and one focused on deployment skills. Candidates can take each exam separately or together as a bundle: either way you’ll need 70 percent or higher scores across both exams to earn your certificate. 

6) Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) 

The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit that offers a variety of high-quality resources, from training to real-world experience. The Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) program is one of its most impressive initiatives, and a great way to learn what you need to know about cloud computing in general and about open source technologies specifically. This program includes training on public cloud products such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), and on virtual private cloud products such as OpenStack. You’ll also develop in depth knowledge of Linux through advanced labs and hands-on instruction by experienced professionals. You can even add an optional certification exam at no extra cost. In other words, if you want to get started learning about cloud computing or deepen your expertise, LFCE is an excellent choice. 

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