Things You Need to Know about T-shirt Printing

T-shirt Printing

T-shirts are not just wearable. It has become a promotional tool for businesses. Individuals also use them to express their personal style. I am going to share here some of the key aspects of t-shirt printing. You will have a better understanding of the t-shirt printing process.

It will become easier for you to select the right printing method and fabrics for your tee. Besides, I will also try to show you the benefits of print-on-demand. It’s time to get prepared for a high-quality t-shirt printing outcome. Let’s rush down to the main details.

Printing Methods

T-shirts printing method selection is crucial for customizing apparel with unique designs and graphics. In most cases, you are going to see the use of three different t-shirt printing methods. They are known as Screen Printing, Direct-to-government (DTG), and Heat Press printing.

You can choose screen printing for large-quantity orders. It is the classic t-shirt printing option for simple designs. On the other hand, DTG printing is ideal for vibrant t-shirt design print in small batches. But the heat press is the quickest and most versatile choice for small orders.

T-Shirt Fabrics Selection  

You always need to choose the best material for your t-shirt printing. It will ensure better print quality and finish. Cotton t-shirt fabric is popular for comfort and breathability. You can go with them for the best everyday wear choice.  

However, polyester is a better choice when it comes to durability. They are also good with vibrant colour printing results. You can also go for a polyester and cotton blend for a balanced result. Choose the right t-shirt fabric according to your needs.

Designing Your T-Shirt

Simple t-shirt designs are the new trend. The young generation loves clean, straightforward, meaningful t-shirt designs. Besides, you also need to take extra care of the colour combination. Each colour should complement one another and make a long-lasting impression.

You can also take into use minimalistic design. Text can also be added in a creative manner. Utilize vector graphics for sharpness on your t-shirt print. It can assist with high-quality prints, even on resized designs.

Tee Design Placement

You can simply put the t-shirt design in two places – front or back. Besides, you can also play with up and down placement. T-shirt designs with text messages are often placed at the centre. Logos can be smaller and placed on the right front.

You can use the back to add extra information. Be creative with your t-shirt design placement on the back. You can also use the sleeves and slides. These kinds of unique placements will make your t-shirt more fashionable.

Print on Demand

Your t-shirt designs are ready. But the regular t-shirt printing option is expensive. Well, print-on-demand can be a great solution for you. You will only need to print t-shirts when you secure an order. It will help you to reduce waste and costs.

It is an effortless tee production mechanism. In this way, you can create custom t-shirts without holding inventory. You can utilize this method to cater to a diverse audience base. Have more designs and sizes available for your customers at an affordable price.


You already know some of the essential things about t-shirt printing. Complete each step with extra care and showcase your creativity. Fabrics and printing methods will contribute to the overall success of your t-shirt venture.

You can use round stickers to promote your brand or express your individual personality. The possibilities are endless with t-shirt ventures. Let us know what else you want us to cover next. Keep coming back for more details shortly. Happy printing!

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