Top Content Apps for Smartphone to Bring Improvement in Content Writing

Content Apps for Smartphone

Automation has made the job of content writers easier by introducing content apps for smartphones. Content writing apps are helpful tools that make the writing process easier and faster. Content writing apps enable content writers to write from anywhere in the world. The whole point of using a content writing app is to make the job easier to achieve the writing targets. Writers prefer those apps which are convenient to use and can assist them in writing professional content. But there are so many content writing apps and choosing the best one often becomes a confusing task. We are here to assist you in selecting the top content writing app. If you are looking for the best apps to assist you in writing and editing your content, check out our compiled list of the following content apps for smartphones.

What is Content Writing?

Digital marketing companies and websites require proficient content writers. These companies demand creative and engaging content for marketing their products and services. Creativity is the key to attracting potential customers and convincing them to purchase the listed products and services. Digital technology is transforming the entire landscape of the marketplace. Virtual markets are rising significantly, and almost all products and services are switching to digital marketplaces. Every company utilizes content writing to increase brand awareness and influence consumer decisions. Creating engaging and persuasive content for websites and blogs is the key to enhance sales. 

What is the Role of Content Writer?

Content writers write for blogs, websites, scripts, advertisements, tech giants and social media. A well-crafted content guides the customer about the prospects of buying products or services. The job of a content writer is not easy; it requires competing in constantly changing digital marketplaces. Writing thousands of words daily and managing them is a hectic job. Every content writer aims to enhance the visibility of their writings to reach more customers. More customers mean more sales for the company, thus strengthening the content writer’s profile.

Top Content Writing Apps for Smartphone


Grammarly is the top pick for every type of writer––academics, journalists, content writers of dissertation writing services and article writers. Grammarly ranks among the top Content Apps for Smartphones. The app is a top-rated writing assistant tool that makes the writing job convenient. The app is valid for Windows, IOS, Android, Chrome and Mac, and there are options on all devices for add-ons and plugins. You can download this app for free to your Smartphone with some basic features. But if you are looking for extra features, you can switch to the premium version.

What Is So Good About Grammarly?

Corrects Your Mistakes

The basic version of Grammarly will correct the punctuation and spelling mistakes in your writing. The premium version has more options to correct all the mistakes in your writing.

Fix Errors

You can quickly fix the grammatical and sentence structure errors in your writing.


Grammarly brings clarity to your writing by eliminating redundancy and wordy sentences. Grammarly suggests words that fit the writing context and suggests synonyms to enhance your writing variety.  


Pocket is among the top Content Apps for Smartphones that can help you get inspiration and ideas about your content. You can download it on the Play Store for free; it also has the feature to connect with your social media apps. If you are busy and a post related to content writing comes up, you can view it later.


Quora ranks among the top hierarchy of content apps for smartphones that can kick-start your next article. The community discussion and questions answers section is a place to share ideas and hot topics. It can be beneficial in identifying the trends in content writing topics. You can also use this platform for content promotion.


EverNote is a Smartphone app for note taking and making checklists. You can download it for free from the Play Store. It helps the content writers to capture creative content. The app also has a feature to save and synchronize links.


Readable is among those content apps for smartphones that can help make your writing readable. Content writers aspire to write clear and engaging content. The readability rate facilitates eliminating hard to read sentences. It offers alternative simple sentences that are clear and easy to read. You can use it to inspect your written content and make it accurate and to the point.


Every content writer needs a smart tool that can help them review changes and track particular parts of the document. You can download this content writing app for smartphones for free from the Play Store. Writers can collaborate with other writers on Draft to get feedback on their writings. Writers can also mark the drafts and get back to the initially discarded ideas as they write. It is a great app to write down every idea that comes to your mind without caring about grammar and spelling mistakes.


The list of Content Apps for Smartphones is incomplete without mentioning WordPress. It can help you to start writing at the very moment when an idea comes to your mind. The help helps to create and edit the content with ease. After writing, you can proofread and edit your document. You can download it from the Play Store and start writing and editing your content.

Dragon Dictation

Content writers have to write content on the spur of the moment, and sometimes it’s challenging to manage it while doing other chores. Dragon Dictation can help you to put down your thoughts through voice dictation. It also lets you edit documents by voice on an Android phone. You can download it from the Play Store.


Content apps for smartphones are great tools to ensure the creation of a clear and concise piece of writing. The apps mentioned above are excellent platforms for getting ideas about the content. They can help you to be innovative and productive. They are handy and easy to use; all you have to do is download them on your Smartphone.

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