Uncovering top 6 benefits of Auto Dialer for SMBs in India

Auto Dialer for SMBs in India

An Auto Dialer software service is software that assists in boosting agents’ productivity by dialing calls automatically and once the call is connected, either a pre-recorded message is played or the call is directly transferred to a live agent. Auto dialer software service makes communication easier between business and the customers.

There are many types of auto dialers that a business chooses from according to their needs. Three types of dialers that are beneficial for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in India are:

  • Progressive dialers: In progressive dialers, the system automatically dials the next number on the list. This removes the wait time between calls and can improve productivity significantly. It helps in increasing agent talk time therefore improving agent’s productivity as well business growth manifolds.
  • Predictive dialers: In predictive dialers, a new set of customers are dialed out according to available agents in the queue. It helps a call center to reduce agent idle time to a great extent.
  • Preview dialers: Preview dialers are the simplest outbound dialing mechanism; it selects a customer record from a call list and proposes from a call record to an agent. An agent can look from the customer record and decide to call the customer.

SMBs often look for economical and sustainable solutions to enhance their business in short period. SMBs in India are increasing along with the demand for auto dialer software India services. It is a smart investment that adds value to time and business. 

The top six benefits of auto dialer software services in India for SMBs are as follows:

  1. Boost agent productivity: this feature helps lead to reach specific agents based on the agent’s interaction history and expertise. A guided map to address specific service helps with time management and encourages better interaction. Implementing auto dialer software helps a business with complex inside sales process involving high value leads; it brings alertness to the outbound calling process. Automatic dialers like preview dialers provide quick snapshot of customer’s contact details before dialing the call, that helps agents to prepare before a call is connected. With prior information at the agent’s disposal, the call can be customized to personalized conversation. This helps to engage the prospect and increases the chances of lead conversation significantly.
  2. Eliminate manual dialing: The automatic dialer clearly refers no manual dialing which eliminates many call communication barriers like misdialing, excessive wait time and call drops. The reduction to barriers increases operational efficiency. Auto dialer software detects busy signals, voicemails, and a non-serviceable number which increases the call connect ratio and connect calls directly to the available agents.  Thus, leading to higher agent productivity and improved operational efficiency.
  3. Enhance ROI and sale: The automated calling operations results in more conversations, better CX and higher sales. It allows sending emails or message based on the call results, to minimize outbound prospecting effectively and effectiveness, any call can end with a fully personalized email instantly sent to the customer.
  4. Efficient lead generations: Auto dialer software service helps to reach more prospects in lesser time that enhances a lead generation process. As a business gets capable of providing service to more customers in a short period of time, it helps to maintain a regular customer base and to attract more potential customers.
  5. Dive deeper into operations: it allows extracting insights based on pick up ratio analysis based on the user behavior to reduce repeated calls. This is time saving and economical.
  6. Campaign management: Automatic dialer software systems are capable of designing multi-purposed outbound tools. They offer many features that facilitate businesses to run and control multiple campaigns concurrently and efficiently.  A business can produce many reports based on real time data; it also helps to monitor the performances of individual marketing campaigns. The software promotes the marketing campaigns through automatic adjustments to the time-zone for each campaign, transferring calls to various devices, managing through contact lists and supported by CRM integration.

There has been an increasing demand for auto dialer software in India among the SMBs. As many SMBs are benefitting by using the features of auto dialer software services, it has encouraged more use. There are many providers of auto dialer software India; however, Knowlarity is one of the leading auto dialer software in India providers.

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