What are car insurance coverages?

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When it comes to taking out car insurance, multiple varieties appear depending on the coverage included in each one. But, what do we mean by coverage when it comes to insuring a vehicle? This term refers to the different protections contracted with the insurance company for the driver or drivers and the vehicle.

In other words, coverage is one of the aspects in which an insurer gives us protection after having reached an agreement with it. In this sense, it should be noted that the coverage is very varied and depends on the needs and wishes of each client or vehicle. Thus, the more coverage our insurance has, the more protected we will be against any unforeseen event or problem with the car.

Below are the most common coverages when insuring a vehicle. Knowing them thoroughly will be very important for us to choose car insurance that suits our objective or needs on the road.

civil liability

Civil liability coverage refers to the protection and subsequent compensation for damages, both material and physical, caused in a traffic accident to another driver, vehicle, or pedestrian, among others. This coverage stands out for being the most important of all, being mandatory in Spain for all drivers. 

Therefore, any vehicle registered in Spanish territory must have mandatory insurance that covers, at a minimum, the civil liability of the driver for damage to persons or property in a traffic accident.

Travel Assistance

This coverage has to do with unforeseen events that may arise due to breakdowns or a car accident on the road. Thus, if travel assistance is contracted in the vehicle insurance, the insurer will assist its passengers if a problem arises during a trip.

Depending on the insurance company, this coverage will have some specifications or others depending on what has been agreed: pick-up by taxi, towing service, replacement car to continue the trip, accommodation…

break of moons

The breakage of the car window is more common than you think. This problem in the vehicle can arise from a small stone that jumps on the road as well as from an accident or act of vandalism. For this reason, it is very normal for car insurance to include glass breakage coverage, which is nothing more than the protection of the economic cost for this fact.

Some insurers combine this coverage with the fact of having a replacement car while the moon is being repaired in the workshop or travel assistance, among other modalities.


In this coverage, the insurer undertakes to protect and cover all expenses that may occur for the driver after a theft or attempted theft of his car. This last aspect includes any damage caused to the vehicle by the thief, such as breakage of the lock or glass, among others.

Here it should be noted that each car insurance company establishes different conditions in this variety and everything will depend on what the insured has contracted at all times.


Fire coverage in car insurance is another of the most common and, as its name suggests, it covers damage caused directly by fire. This also usually refers to damage caused by smoke, steam, or the means used to extinguish the fire, among others. 

Most insurers include in this coverage the transfer of the burned car or the costs to put out the fire, in addition to the corresponding compensation for personal damage and damage to the vehicle.

driver’s insurance

The coverage known as driver’s insurance is a modality that is usually included in comprehensive insurance, although it can also be contracted additionally with third-party insurance. The purpose of this coverage is to provide support to the driver if he suffers an accident for which he is responsible.

In this way, the driver’s insurance coverage will provide protection or compensation in the event of personal injury in a car accident. The insurers will cover any expense caused by the damage (treatments, transfers…), as well as the payment of an amount as compensation, either directly to the driver or to his family in the event of death.

own damage

This coverage would be in line with the previous one, that of the driver’s insurance, and has to do with the payment by the insurer of the damage caused to the vehicle or its property in an accident in which the insured party was at fault. 

As in the previous modality, the coverage for personal damage is included in the comprehensive insurance. In addition, it should be noted that this coverage for personal damage only covers material damage.

As its name suggests, the defense or legal protection in car insurance has to do with the legal support of the insured by the insurance company. In this coverage, the insurer assumes any claim or defense of the driver in the case of legal action for traffic reasons.

The legal defense or protection includes any assistance, whether at the judicial level or not, for the insured, who will have the costs of all criminal defense covered in any case that has to do with their condition as a driver of a vehicle.

hunting damage

The coverage for hunting damage refers to the one that supports the driver if any of the considered game species is run over on any road or public highway.

This means that the insurer will cover any material damage caused to the vehicle in this incident, where the damage is usually very high due to the size of said animals.

replacement car

This variety within the coverage of a car has several options. From having a replacement car in case of a breakdown to having a vehicle when we lose ours for any reason during a trip. 

But, without a doubt, the essence of this coverage is to offer a car that replaces the usual one in the event of an accident or breakdown, the substitution being momentary until the car itself is recovered.

Claim of fines

This coverage is offered to carry out all the management in the claim of the driver’s traffic fines. The insurance company is responsible for all legal expenses and any procedure that must be carried out for this matter. 

In this way, the fine claim coverage implies protection for the driver in the event of suffering a traffic fine that they want to claim because they consider it to be unfair or for other reasons.

Card withdrawal

The coverage for the withdrawal of the license in car insurance is the one that includes compensation for the driver if this circumstance occurs. In this area, each insurer will have its conditions for this coverage, which aims to cover the damage caused by not being able to drive a car.

On the other hand, you have to know that this coverage is only effective when the loss of points is for administrative reasons (traffic fines…) not for criminal cases, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, among others.

Finally, the choice of workshop coverage in car insurance is what makes it easier for the driver to choose the option that they like best when it comes to repairing the vehicle. Thus, you can choose the trusted workshop for any car repair.

This would not occur when it is necessary to carry out the expert opinion after an accident or incident on the road, since this review must be carried out in a place agreed with the car insurance company.

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