What does a prospect look for in an insurance producer?


Learn what potential clients are looking for in an insurance producer and use our tips to stand out in the HO6 insurance industry.

Creating fruitful relationships with our clients is one of the foundations of having a prosperous business. Imagine that you visit a restaurant; if the dish you order pleases you and you receive excellent service, you will want to return it, and you would even recommend it to your loved ones. The same thing happens when a prospect searches for an insurance producer; he wants to be served to his liking and in the best way. Keep reading and learn in this article the recipe to become the insurance producer that your prospects need.

get a good impression

It is important that in the first seconds of communication with your prospect, you manage to capture their attention and get a good impression.

The crucial steps to achieve this are:

  1. Smile: human beings usually reflect the emotions of others due to mirror neurons. These are neurons that are activated when an individual performs an action, causing the observer to do the same action. Its name comes from said imitation since it seems that both people are in front of a mirror. Therefore, if you smile at your prospects, you will provide a space for them to smile back, allowing them to feel that they are close to you.
  2. Look into the eyes: eye contact provides confidence, as it shows that you feel comfortable with the other party, and in the same way, it makes the other party feel safe.
  3. Dress elegantly: there are insurance companies that have a dress code because, for many people, this is an important factor. It is recommended to use neutral colors and only one pattern so that your clothes reflect a business attitude. 
  4. Use an appropriate tone of voice: to make a good impression, it is important to use a clear, eloquent tone and with a safe volume so that your potential clients listen to you and pay attention.

Obtain open and transparent communication 

Sometimes prospects feel a bit wary before calling a producer, worrying about talking to a salesperson and feeling like they’re losing out. That is something that a good insurance producer can change with good communication. Among the key ingredients to a successful conversation starter is providing the opportunity for open and honest dialogue. Be transparent, remain honest, and allow the prospect to express themselves. 

Have experience and simple language

When conversing with a prospect, it is important that you show your knowledge and experience as a producer. However, you should avoid using far-fetched terms as the client may not be able to understand you. Many times there are terms in the insurance industry that can be confusing, so we recommend that you keep your presentation simple. This way, you will be able to connect with the client, inspiring trust and increasing the chances that they will become your insured.

Someone who listens and defines your needs

Most clients prefer the assistance of someone who listens to them and understands their concerns. If you incorporate the ability to listen and empathize with what your client verbalizes to you, that will allow you to understand what he needs. In addition, it is important to show that you not only know your products and services but that you are willing to understand the prospect’s situation.

By paying attention, you will obtain the necessary knowledge of the client, in order to offer him the best coverage available, according to his case. 

Evaluate the particularities of your situation

To better understand each angle, try asking questions to learn the specific needs of your prospect. Ask him questions such as What are you most concerned about protecting with your insurance? How much do you estimate you will need in coverage? That will help you understand their situation.

As a producer, you must also investigate the economic capacity of your client to provide solutions that are consistent with their current budget.

A producer who responds to your curiosity 

Typically a prospect will wonder whether or not they really need insurance. It is good to provide an example of how a client benefited from being insured in an unexpected situation. This adds value not only to your presentation but also to the insurance you are offering. In the same way, it is important that you provide an opening so that the client has the space to ask you the necessary questions.

Typically a prospect will wonder whether or not they really need insurance.

Have excellent customer service 

The time you spend with your prospect exemplifies, in their eyes, the time you will spend with them if they need more information in the future or if they need to make a claim. When serving a prospect, we recommend that you avoid looking at your cell phone or doing other tasks while you’re chatting. However, if at the end of that conversation you realize that a current client has called you, remember to also treat them the same way you would a prospect.

Likewise, if you agree to call, it is important that you keep your promise. Failure to do so can cause disgust to any client because you did not take it seriously or did not give it importance. 

Finding a good price and good coverage

Being a good producer means that you should choose the policy that is best for your client, even if it means losing a few dollars. This will ensure a longitudinal relationship with your policyholders.

Cheaper insurance does not mean substantial savings if an unexpected situation occurs.

Consider that prospects tend to choose the options that suit them in terms of quality-price, that is, the best coverage with the lowest rate. Explain that if something unexpected happens, having the cheapest insurance doesn’t necessarily mean substantial savings. If your client has a limited budget, he must understand that the most important thing is not to have the cheapest policy but to acquire adequate coverage for his needs.

Have the most up-to-date information

Accessing information today only takes a few seconds. As a producer, we recommend that you try to understand how your market is changing and be at the forefront of those events that can affect your industry and, therefore, your customers. If there is any type of data that is relevant to your potential customers, let them know.

Next steps for you as a producer

The qualities that we have listed in this article will make you a good insurance producer and will allow you to succeed with both your potential clients and your current clients. At USIC, we know the challenges that arise in this industry, but at the same time, it is a very rewarding job.

We are committed to providing educational resources and helpful materials to build successful relationships. Join our producing force. We will send you valuable information for your growth and development as an insurance producer.

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