What does the law on the obligation of insurance for animals say?

What does the law on the obligation of insurance for animals say?

Dog cat health insurance is not compulsory, but you must nevertheless be able to assume the financial costs related to the health of your animal. Indeed, people who own an animal must care for it. Article R. 215-4 of the Rural Code stipulates that “any person who breeds, keeps or keeps domestic animals or wild animals is punished with the fine provided for 4th class contraventions. tamed or in captivity to leave them unattended in case of illness or injury”.

If you are not obliged to insure your pet, you should also know that under the law, you are no less responsible. As the owner of a pet, you are legally responsible for material damage and bodily injury it may cause to a third party, whether it is:

  • Under your care.
  • Escaped.
  • Lost.

The responsibility incumbent on you to repair material and bodily damage that your animal could cause to a third party is called Animal Civil Liability. This principle provides that you must assume the financial consequences of the damage suffered by a third party because of your animal in our case.

Home insurance contracts all provide Civil Liability cover. However, if your home insurance contract is terminated or if its guarantees are suspended, for example, you will have to pay for the damage and/or damage caused by your animal.

Dogs of category 1 (attack dog such as the American Staffordshire terrier or mastiff for example) and category 2 (attack or defense dog, such as the rottweiler for example) must be the subject of a Civil Liability contract specific, often offered as an option in home insurance contracts.

Do not be confused! The Civil Liability guarantee (in your home insurance) covers third parties in the event of damage caused by your dog, and the dog and cat insurance cover the health costs of your animal.

Why take out dog and cat health insurance?

As for humans, Social Security and complementary/mutual health insurance have been created to allow everyone access to care. Dog-cat health insurance is the equivalent for our little companion. Our desire is often to see our animal grow up with us and our children, to enjoy it for as long as possible. Without access to care, its lifespan is necessarily more limited. To protect it, dog cat health insurance can finance veterinary costs, which are often heavy.

Veterinary costs for a cat or dog are estimated between €100 and €300 per year, on average. While health insurance for your pet costs on average €240 per year for a cat and €300 per year for a dog. Thus, the owner’s budget is preserved, as is the health of the animal, allowing it to access care that its owner might not have been able to afford financially.

You don’t have to wait for your pet to be ill or declare an illness to take out health insurance for them. Thus, depending on the age, breed, and medical history, your pet will or will not have access to dog-cat health insurance.

To find out if your little furry friend is eligible for this type of contract, and to find out how much it costs, Reassure me provides you with its online comparator. Fast, simple, and effective, it allows you to find the best contract to insure your animal and allow it to live better and longer.

Which insurance to choose for your cat or dog?

Basic contracts often only cover veterinary costs following an accident. However, statistically, less than 20% of veterinary care is related to an accident. Intermediate contracts provide coverage in the event of illness and accident.

Premium (or top-of-the-range) contracts include, in addition to the payment of veterinary costs by dog ​​and cat insurance: preventive care (deworming, vaccines, dental scaling, etc.) and additional services (babysitting in the event of hospitalization of the owner, death benefit or reimbursement of funeral expenses for the animal, etc.).

Health insurance for dogs or cats: what is it?

If France has around 60 million pets and is at the top of this ranking in the EU, there are also more than 50,000 abandonments per year and 250,000 euthanasias. Indeed, euthanasia is often chosen for lack of financial means to treat the animal, the owners preferring to put an end to the animal’s suffering rather than seeing it sink into illness or pain.

Dog cat health insurance is still unknown in France: 70% of French people say they do not know about this type of insurance. This can be explained by a simple reason: the French benefit from one of the most efficient health insurance systems with Social Security, so there are too many of them who are not used to taking advantage of the mutual/complementary health system. . Their animals will therefore not benefit either!

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