What is a cab loan?

What is a cab loan

Loans for taxi drivers with or without the license as collateral

Loans for taxi drivers without a license as collateral are personal loans with the same requirements as for any other self-employed person. You also have loans for taxi drivers with your taxi license as collateral, if you cannot demonstrate a fixed monthly income with which to be able to meet the loan installations. 

At Unsolopago we are aware of the complicated moment that the taxi sector is going through with the emergence of new competitors such as Uber or Cabify. We look for the ideal solution for your situation, locating the loan that offers you the best conditions, both in terms of interest rate and payment period.

Loans for taxi drivers without a license as collateral

If what you are looking for in a loan for taxi drivers without your license is a guarantee, at Unsolopago we will find the personal loan that best suits you. You only need to present a photocopy of your National Identity Document (DNI)your last income statement, to show what economic situation you are in; the results of your last 3 quarters as a taxi driver, to see your solvency; and proof that you have paid the last 3 freelance installments

With just these documents, at Unsolopago we will carry out all the procedures for you and you will only have to pay our fees if you find the loan for taxi drivers that you are looking for. 

If you have gone to your bank and they have denied your loan for taxi drivers, do not despair because with us you will find it in less time than you imagine. If you deliver the documents that we mentioned above and you have an income with which to be able to meet the fees, nothing can prevent you from enjoying your loan for taxi drivers

Loans for licensed taxi drivers as collateral 

If you are a taxi driver and you need immediate financing because you are in ASNEF or you are going through a very precarious economic situation, you can also access a loan for taxi drivers. In this case, you will need to be the owner of the taxi license that you are operating and that you can present it as a guarantee. You will be able to use it even if you have any charge on it. 

At Unsolopago we will carry out all the procedures to obtain your loan with your taxi license as collateral. Your license will be the one that guarantees you and allows you to obtain that financing that will make you get ahead with flying colors. You must bear in mind that if you do not pay the fees, you could lose your license, so you must be clear that you will be able to pay the loan that we help you obtain.

Loans for future taxi drivers

If you are not yet a taxi driver but you intend to acquire a taxi license and you need a cab loan to face it, we also offer you ICO loans for taxi drivers

You will only have to present a good feasibility project and you will be able to obtain long repayment terms and one of the lowest interest rates that you will find in the market.

What requirements and documentation must taxi drivers submit to get a personal loan?

Like any other self-employed worker, taxi drivers must meet a series of specific requirements that correspond to the special characteristics of these workers. The requirements and documents that any taxi driver must submit to obtain the personal loan they want are the following:

  • Be of legal age and present the National Identity Document to provide it, as well as to demonstrate that the client is who he says he is.
  • Accredit the presentation of the Income Statement, which is the official form of the Treasury number 100. This document represents a faithful image of the income and economic situation of each citizen and is an official model that can be used for consultation purposes, which is what we need it for in Unsolopago.
  • Present the results of the last 3 quarters. This is necessary to show that you have sufficient financial solvency to be able to make the payments within the terms established in the personal loan.
  • Submit receipts for the payment of the last 3 self-employed installments. Since it is necessary to prove that the applicant is up to date with the payment of his Social Security obligations and that his professional situation is legal.
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