Where can I find my school insurance policy number?

Where can I find my school insurance policy number?

What is an insurance policy number?

This is a unique number, automatically generated when creating a new insurance contract. It can either be referred to as “contract number” or “policy number”. In all cases, it makes it possible to refer to the ownership of insurance and to remove any ambiguity, in particular when the beneficiary of the contract is not the subscriber. This code, which most often takes the form of a series of numbers and letters, constitutes proof that you are properly insured. It also allows your adviser to find your file more quickly and limits the risk of errors linked to the homonymy of a surname.

It is important to locate this number and keep it with you when you travel, especially abroad. Indeed, in the event of a claim, you will be required to communicate it quickly to the insurer or to register it on an official document, such as the joint report. If necessary, the processing time for your claim may be extended. 

Please note: the contract number must not be confused with your identifier or your customer number. A different number is generated each time a contract is opened. This means that you can have a single customer number, but several insurance policy numbers: multi-risk home insurance, car insurance, school insurance, damage and accident cover, etc. 

Is a policy number necessarily assigned to me when I take out a school insurance contract?

School insurance, even if it protects your children and therefore does not cover you directly, is an insurance contract in its own right. A policy number is therefore necessarily attached to it. This code may also be requested by the school and in certain specific situations:

– following a disaster caused involuntarily by your child. Your contract number must be communicated to the victim’s insurer so that the latter can contact your own insurance company. This contact is essential to organize the compensation procedure.

– in the event of an accident suffered by your child. You have between 3 and 5 days to send the accident report to your insurance. This document must include your contact number. Watch out for typos!

– at any time, the head of the establishment may ask you for a certificate of school insurance (in particular before an optional outing or an educational trip). The policy number is listed on this document sent by your insurer.

Do you have several children in school from kindergarten to university? Each will be covered by independent insurance. To facilitate the management of your contracts, it is recommended that you choose a single insurance company. You will gain visibility and you will be able to find the necessary information more easily by logging into your customer area.

Where can I find my school insurance policy number?

It is often when you are pressed for time or when you have to deal with an emergency that you need to quickly find the number of your children’s school insurance policy! This identifier appears on the copy of the contract that was given to you when you took out your insurance. It remains the same each year as part of a tacit renewal. In the event of termination or suspension following the opening of a new contract (including with the same insurer) another policy number will be assigned to you. Consider destroying the old one to avoid confusion. 

Note that you can also find this valuable code on the school insurance certificate given to you at the beginning of the year by your insurer. As a rule, it can also be found in the personal information that is in your account. The latter is accessible via a reserved and secure area on your insurer’s website. 

If you are unable to find your contract number, you can contact your insurer by telephone. The latter will communicate it to you after having carried out an authentication procedure aimed at identifying you. 

To obtain the contract number for your Banque Casino insurance policies, call one of our advisers by dialing 0 825 95 49 89. You will be redirected by our customer service.

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