Why You Should have forklift in Your Warehouse?


Forklifts are a key element in the world of logistics. This load element has been evolving and improving performance until it has become an essential tool in transport and storage work.

Currently, the operation of a forklift is regulated by the “Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks”. Only qualified personnel, who have passed approved training, are authorized to drive it. As long as you are of legal age. This training is aimed at the operator knowing everything about its mechanics, operation and load capacity, both full and partial trucks.

The importance of the forklift

The evolution of the forklift as a technology is linked to the appearance of the first forklift, in 1851, however it will not become important until the introduction of hydraulic energy in the operation of its components. Thanks to it, the forks and the lifting mast were introduced, so it was not until 1923 that we can consider its birth.

The forklift trade:

The forklift profession is based on the movement of goods with two objectives, either to replenish the assembly lines in factories with materials, or to store raw materials or finished products for sale.

According to a report, this profession is booming. The logistics sector is immersed in a growth trend, thanks to the large volume of e-commerce business; so it is easy to find job offers that involve having knowledge about operating a forklift. Another interesting factor to work in transport and storage lies in the high rate of permanent workers in this professional sector.

The importance of forklift maintenance:

In addition to knowing how to handle the forklift, it is important to have notions about maintaining the device. In efficient companies, a correct cost analysis indicates that preventive maintenance avoids losses due to unexpected equipment failures.

In a warehouse, one of the key factors for profitability is productivity, which is why the entire fleet of vehicles, including sackers or pallet trucks, must always be at an optimum point of use. That the operator knows the key points for maintenance will lengthen the useful life of the forklift, keeping the properties of its components intact and activity suspensions due to unforeseen events will be reduced or even eliminated.

Concepts to keep in mind when driving the forklift:

It is of the utmost importance for the company to have the appropriate machinery and work equipment for the daily development of the tasks entrusted to it. Likewise, this periodic maintenance is also important, since it will help to avoid or limit the number of incidents and/or accidents that may occur.

An optimal distribution of the merchandise in the warehouse itself, using appropriate stowage methods, will contribute to favoring the smooth running of the production system, helping to reduce the company’s costs and taking advantage of resources.

The most important concepts can be differentiated into several phases:

  • Examine the handling of the forklift and its traffic regulations.
  • Know how to choose the correct type of forklift suitable for the terrain and the load used.
  • Know how to properly stow the load.
  • Know how to properly locate and stack the different shelves that are found in the store.

Forklift driving safety:

The profession of forklift driver carries certain occupational hazards. In the first place, the worker is presupposed a commitment to respect the safety regulations that minimize these risks and secondly, the coordination between all those who circulate through the workplace will guarantee that any possible incident that affects the people safety.

Therefore, one of the skills that any company will request from a potential worker will involve knowledge of safety rules. These involve two aspects:

A forklift operator must learn the characteristics, possibilities and limitations of maneuverability of the device with which he is dealing.
The driver must align these technical limitations with the safety and circulation regulations of the workplace.

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