7 Useful Features Of Facebook You Might Want To Know About

Facebook is a social media application that is used worldwide. The user who signed up for the service can quickly contact one another. Apart from this, people can share a lot of stuff about themselves like status, memories, and bio and post pictures. It keeps people informed about their family and friends. Facebook was first invented in Cambridge, USA, in February 2004. FB got famous in early 2008 by surpassing Myspace and became the most visited social media website. Some Facebook features can be handy for users; let’s find out. 

  1. Tie up of  Spotify and Facebook

Spotify is the most preferred online music streaming application. Facebook users can now listen to music and podcasts inside the FB application with the help of a mini player. This feature is available for both IOS and Android users. When a user shares a song on Facebook from the Spotify app, you can easily listen to that song without switching the application. In addition, Spotify makes unique stories on FB which can be helpful to buy Facebook likes on their accounts as per user preference.

  1. Downloading the data from Facebook

Facebook can provide you a copy of your personal data that you have uploaded on your account or even every activity you have done while using it, for example, every post you have uploaded, every image, video, or even messages and conversations, etc. that can use it for personal safety if a person loses data or even before deleting an FB account. Here is how you can download your data? Open the settings>your information>download your information. 

There you can select between whatever information you need to download, the time period of data, and the format in which data should download. The process will take time to compile data according to how much data you have in your account; Facebook will send a notification once the whole process is done. After that, data will arrive by a link on your registered Gmail id.

  1. Check your engagement time on Facebook.

Want to know how much time you spend on your Facebook account? The mobile application makes it very easy to see how long you have spent on this website. One the application> click on three-dot menu> privacy and settings> select your time of FB menu. This will exactly show the usage time of a user in one day. It helps to keep track of your activities. However, to control your usage time, set a daily reminder to notify you after a specific time.

  1.  Save posts for later. 

Facebook contains a lot of information; once a post is gone, it is nearly impossible to find it again. It can be anything like a piece of essential news, cute videos of babies, funny memes, and many more. So Facebook makes it convenient for users by adding a watch later option. It can be easily assessable from the drop-down menu. Users can quickly save videos for later as per their choice. It will add the watch later videos to your saved folder, which will appear in hamburger menus, and the appearance of that folder will be purple. Furthermore, you can also organize your saved data by making new collections.

  1. Hiding posts and newsfeed of a person without unfriending them

Many people on Facebook post many posts in the newsfeed, and you might want to get rid of them without hurting their feelings. There is no need to unfriend a person to hide their post; instead, simply unfollow them. Unfollowing them will ensure you won’t see any kind of post related to their account, and you will still be friends with them. Furthermore, Facebook won’t send any notification about you unfollowing them. You can even reconnect with them later by goings into privacy and settings.

  1. Adding some extra security to your Facebook account

Adding extra security to your Facebook is a good idea. It will ensure a user’s privacy and won’t let someone else log in even if they know your ID and password. Two-factor authentication is an effective way to protect the privacy of your account as it adds some additional security features. If a person tries to log in to your account after applying two factor-authentications, he will require an OTP with a user ID and password. OTP is sent to the registered mobile number on your FB account.

  1. Creating Facebook page

Facebook allows users to make a page of their account for different purposes such as Teacher, Blogger, Craftsmen, etc. For example, a teacher can teach on their page by uploading content, and a Blogger can post blogs on their page. Some people also use Facebook to get fame by showing their talents, and some buy Facebook likes to look superior.

Facebook was invented by some computer science students of Harvard University. They are well known worldwide today. Mark Zuckerberg, along with his class Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes, created the idea of a social media application, and they named it Facebook.

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