9 ways to adjust your packaging for a professional look

A package is one of the first impressions given by your business to its customers, and a plain brown box or standard corrugated cardboard box can leave many things desired in terms of professionalism. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money for special packaging! There are many ways to adjust your packaging, even if you don’t have a budget for upper class corrugated boxes or special packaging design services.To learn more about, custom cupcake packaging

#1: Add your logo

Add your logo to your special box will immediately turn it into a useful marketing tool. Make sure you choose packaging that can combine your logo, such as print cartons or adjusted corrugated boxes.

#2: Select a clear box

Special packaging provides products and companies excellence in making their products pay attention to, so it is not surprising that many companies begin to make adjusted boxes. A clear box, in particular, is a very good choice for increasing this customization. Transparent material allows customers to see all content while still complying with your brand identity.

#5: Stickers add personality

There is nothing more boring than plain boxes and simple boxes not tell your customers about your business or what they get from you. Here are some ideas about how to personalize them with stickers: Add a company logo sticker that customers can recognize wherever they see it. Cheap window decals can be added to one of our special box designs including our bumpy shipping box, cardboard transfer box, and a small folding box design.

#8 Choose a Fun Size, Shape, and Materials

A box that has a personality will make customers want to store it. Make sure your box looks as good as themselves as they fill with the product. Even though you don’t have many sounds in how to get rid of customer packaging, there are ways you can give them options

#9 Mix with a multi-color box

One of the easiest ways to add additional pop to your packaging is with a multi-color box. To start, you want to make sure you have a large enough order (at least 250 pieces) that makes sense from a cost perspective. If you are just starting, you might consider ordering more – at least 500 pieces – to ensure that each part of your brand has the opportunity for visibility and exposure.

 Innovative way of involving customers at the event

Take advantage of new technology such as the QR code and NFC chip to involve your customers on your event. Create a special printed QR code or NFC tag, attach on a product coupon or card and place it on each participant’s goodie bag. With only scanning from any smartphone, you can create an instant connection with your clients. Shortly, they will tell their friends about you!

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One box is not enough

When you make a special packaging, it is important to get a few boxes so you can adjust it in any way. Don’t just limit yourself to one box. When you do this, you are not really making adjustable packaging; It seems that there isn’t much effort made. Instead, get as many boxes as possible and then start playing with the shape, size, and color.

By Cary Grant

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