Online Quran Teaching for Kids

In our increasingly online world, it’s no surprise that children are spending more and more time in front of screens. Many parents are worried about this trend, but if you can find the right balance, there are plenty of ways to keep your kids active and engaged while they’re on their devices. If you want to bring children into the world of online Quran teaching but aren’t sure how to make it work, here are three tips to help you teach your kids online Quran teaching.

Why online teaching is great

Online teaching gives you more flexibility than ever before, allowing you to take your learning on-the-go. With online teachers, students can learn anytime, anywhere. If a student has a question, she can contact her teacher through email or text message at any time of day. Online students can learn at their own pace as well; if they’re more comfortable reviewing lessons with other kids at specific times each week, that’s easy enough to schedule with an online teacher!

How online teaching works

Online teaching is increasingly becoming a popular way to learn. This style of learning allows students to take classes anytime and anyplace as long as they have an internet connection. While many online schools require students attend lessons at specific times, there are programs that don’t require set schedules, such as online Quran classes.

Methods of online teaching

And while parents may be hesitant about their children receiving online Islamic education, there are a variety of options that offer physical interaction between student and teacher. Online classes take place at different times each day, which gives students freedom when it comes to planning their schedule around their other studies. In addition, learning is more exciting when kids can interact with others in an online environment. There are opportunities for students to discuss topics with each other using chat features or by posting responses on discussion boards set up by teachers.

Why use an online teacher?

If you’re looking for online Quran classes for your kids, you may want to consider using an online teacher, rather than a traditional class. Online classes give your children more flexibility in how they learn—and some of them even help with memorization! If that’s what you’re looking for, check out these online teaching options. …

What are some ways I can support my child?

Having your child learn online opens up a whole new world of flexibility. Not only does he get to schedule learning around other activities, but he can study whenever, wherever it is most convenient—whether that’s from his home computer or smartphone in between soccer practice or waiting at soccer practice (you know how kids are). Online Islamic classes can also offer a lot of support for your child as he learns about his faith.

Why Quran shouldn’t be rushed

It’s a common problem among parents of kids who want to memorize Qur’an—they rush their child through lessons, often with little appreciation of how they learn. One reason you’re rushing your child is because it seems so easy—but that’s a mistake. You may not realize it, but when your kid learns something new in class, he or she is building neural pathways from scratch; memorizing Qur’an is like learning a language. It requires repetition, which means that lessons have to be short enough that your kid can remember what he or she learned at home before coming back for more next week. But if you don’t give them time to forget between classes (which is why longer sessions are often better), then your kid can’t build these pathways effectively.

What kinds of activities can I do with my child?

It’s great that you can schedule your child’s online Quran classes around their other activities. How do you teach when they’re playing a sport? You use your own sport as an example. When they have a swim meet, remind them of how important it is to keep up with their Islamic studies. This helps create a balance that doesn’t stress out your child or make him feel like he has to choose between his religious or athletic endeavors.

What does a typical lesson look like?

Online Quran teaching for kids  relies on a personal instructor style of learning, as opposed to classroom learning. A typical online Quranic session is arranged ahead of time between student and teacher. Many teachers require that their students meet a certain level before they take them on as clients. Students will be given homework assignments designed specifically around their needs and wants, but some teachers are more flexible than others; it’s important to find one that suits your needs!

By Cary Grant

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