Show Your Appreciation: 7 Great Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays or just because, giving your employees gifts is a great way to show how much you appreciate them. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there!

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A gadget charging station is a great gift for employees because it can hold many electronic devices at once. It also keeps desks organized and helps to prevent cord tangles.

Here are some examples of popular gifts for employees.

1. The Workplace Gift Box

Including company-branded merchandise in gift sets is an easy way to boost brand awareness and make your team feel like VIPs. Choosing a theme for your gifts, such as a self care or work-from-home themed gift set, can also reinforce your company culture and values.

Give your employees a healthy way to start their day with a coffee and sweets gift box curated with productivity in mind. This reusable to-go cup, headphones and notebook will help them tackle their tasks all day long.

This employee wellness gift set is perfect for new hires or anyone who has been working from home during the pandemic. Recharge includes a sustainable candle pot, plantable seeds and soil pellets, so your employees can continue to practice self care even when they’re not at the office. Also included are a journal and gold pens to keep them feeling inspired.

2. The Tech Lovers Box

The tech lovers on your list are sure to be thrilled by this curated gift box that includes everything from high-tech gadgets to reusable coffee containers. It’s a great idea for holiday gifts, birthdays or graduation.

Give them a gift that’ll help them stay focused with this noise-canceling headphone set. The headphones eliminate ambient noise while allowing them to hear their phone calls and music.

They’ll appreciate this smart water bottle that sanitizes, neutralizes bacteria and automatically cleans every two hours to keep the water tasting fresh. It also has an app that tracks their hydration goals.

This birdfeeder cam has a variety of cool features, including species detection and color night vision to help them see feathered visitors. Plus, it’s easy to install and use.

3. The Welcome Back Box

As we get back to work post-lockdown, it’s important to let employees know that health and safety is top priority. Gift boxes that are geared towards helping them avoid contracting the coronavirus will be appreciated.

These boxes can also include items that can help them stay warm and comfortable. Things like hats, caps, and headbands are great ways to keep their hair from being exposed.

Another way to encourage employees to come back to the office is to offer them extra benefits. This can be anything from free food to raffles. These bonuses will help draw employees back in and boost morale, especially after the lockdown. The best place to find these welcome back boxes is at a corporate gift supply company. They have a variety of different sets that can suit any budget and any type of business.

4. The Bulk Gift Box

Gift box companies provide curated collections of themed gifts. They also make it easy to send gifts to large groups of people all at once. These types of gifts are great for end-of-year celebrations, employee appreciation days, and even company milestones like the opening of a new facility.

For example, Loved and Found has a variety of boxes that focus on specific products, such as the Coffee Lovers box, which contains Gold + Ivy mini vanilla and tobacco candle, Canyon Coffee, Banner Road Bakery granola, an Appointed notebook, and a gold pen.

Another option is Xiao Chi Jie, which provides noodle and dumpling gift sets that you can order in bulk. For example, their Full XCJ Experience box includes 50 pork soup dumplings, a noodle variety box, and a trio sauce set. They also offer an assortment of other snacks to complement the meal.

5. The Motivational Poster

Motivational posters feature stunning artwork and inspiring quotes. They’re often hung in rooms, workspaces, dorms and classrooms to help inspire people. They’re great gifts for those who need a little encouragement.

These posters can be found in a variety of sizes, from large ones for the wall to smaller ones that can be handed out as fliers. Regardless of size, they’re usually pretty inexpensive.

Many of them also come in framed versions that can easily blend into the decor. It’s important to examine the frame before buying, as some posters can clash with existing decor.

Posters are available in a wide variety of styles, and Successories offers high-quality framed posters that are ready to hang. All of their posters are handmade in the USA and made using tempered glass and premium quality mats and frames. They’re a great gift for any office space.

6. TEG Unlocked

TEG Unlocked is an interactive virtual escape game that can be played from anywhere with an internet connection. Once you receive your activation code, you’ll log in to the TEG Unlocked dashboard website to receive your mission. You’ll use what you find in the digital zip folder and information on the web to progress through your adventure, finding clues and solving puzzles to uncover the truth and complete your mission. This adventure is not timed and if you need help, there is a built in hint guide available at all times.

7. The Letters to Your Future Self

Writing a letter to yourself can feel a little strange, but it’s a powerful exercise that can help you think about your goals and priorities. Some people choose to do this every few years, on their birthday or New Year’s Day, while others use online services like FutureMe to email a free letter to them anytime between one month and 50 years in the future.

This book includes 12 prompted letters that are filled with memories, words of wisdom and dreams, then sealed with the included stickers and postdated for future opening. When you read your letters later, it can help you put your goals in perspective and assess whether they’ve changed over time. If not, the letter can give you extra motivation to continue pursuing them. Also, it can show you that you’re not alone in your journey.

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