The Quran in Your Language: Simple and Easy Translations

The Qur’an (also spelled Koran or Qur’ān) is the holy book of Islam, revealed by Allah to Prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago. It contains guidance from Allah to mankind and moral teachings from Him as well as stories of the prophets and how their stories reflect Allah’s messages to mankind. This website aims to make it easy for non-Arabic speaking people to learn about Islam and have access to the Quran in many different languages.

A Look at the App

This app is just a simple interface that pulls data from our website. As such, we will be pulling all translations from translators who have submitted them to our website. In order to keep things as simple as possible for our users, we are allowing them to download an entire zip file of all of these translations (this way you don’t have to load each translation individually). Users can then extract that zip file into their preferred directory and quickly open up any translation they want by simply double-clicking on it. Learn Quran We are also adding in links back to our website so that users can see a full list of translators that have worked with us as well as giving them access to searchable tags.

How we made it happen

The idea came to me while browsing online through various translations of The Holy Quran. I came across many websites offering free translations of The Holy Book, but most of them were not easy to use. Some offered just a paragraph or two that I could copy-paste into my Word document, but others would only show me one verse at a time. However, most search engines today provide instant results for long-tail keywords (such as Quran translation site), and so do key word research tools. It was then I realized how simple it was to create an online resource for people who want to read The Holy Quran in their own language.

Why it matters

The Quran, or Qur’an, is a book of scripture that Muslims believe was revealed to their prophet Muhammad by God. The word Quran comes from an Arabic root word that means to read. Quran Memorization This holy book can be seen as Islam’s core text; without it, no Muslim would truly be considered religious. Because of its significance in Islam, many translations have been produced in order to make its teaching available to as many people as possible. Unfortunately, many of these translations suffer from poor quality work or are too complex for average readers (with some languages containing over 100,000 words). Users can find a variety of different languages with multi-language Qur’an options.

Next steps

Do you want to learn how to translate The Quran into a language not listed here? To get started, there are several translation tools available online that allow you to do a basic translation for free. These tools will give you an idea of what it takes to go from Arabic into another language, so you can then make an informed decision about whether or not it’s worth pursuing. If it is, be sure to check out programs at schools like Columbia University, as well as your local university’s foreign language department (look for Arabic studies programs). You might also consider going through other professional organizations that offer translator training—the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT) offers a certification exam that covers translating from Arabic into English.

By Cary Grant

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