Is a remote personal assistant worth hiring for a solopreneur?

Whether you’re a corporate escapee or you’ve always just had a knack for entrepreneurship, starting out as a solopreneur is daunting. You must play all the roles within your business and handle all challenges on your own.

One of the smartest things you can do as a solopreneur is to ask for help when you need it. Rather than being bogged down with time-consuming business admin, hire an online personal assistant to help you.

When you hire an online personal assistant or virtual assistant as they’re often referred to, you can work through a reputable agency to source the best person for you. Usually, virtual assistants have extensive backgrounds in certain industries, with 60% of them having college degrees, and you can choose one who is perfectly matched to your industry or your type of business. Most virtual assistants work remotely and, as you’ll soon learn, this is a massive benefit for solopreneurs.

An affordable alternative

Hiring a remote personal assistant can be significantly more affordable than hiring an in-house assistant or other permanent employees. In fact, companies can save up to 78% in operating costs simply by hiring a virtual assistant.

When you hire in-house, you must pay a competitive salary, taxes, sick leave pay, and for all the equipment the person will need such as a desk, chair, and laptop. When you hire an online personal assistant, you will pay a fixed rate that is usually a lot less than hiring in-house and you don’t have to fork out for all kinds of operational expenses which, as a solopreneur, can be really worthwhile.

No HR hassles

Hiring new employees is a lengthy and complex process. One that, as a solopreneur, you probably don’t have time for.

From bringing recruiters on board and finding and interviewing suitable candidates, hiring in-house can be quite a hassle. For example, you’ll have to do background and reference checks yourself. It also takes time to find the right person and onboard them. Not to mention that they may first need to work a notice period before they join your company. It’s likely that you need help more urgently than waiting to hire someone permanently.

When you hire a personal assistant, you’ll get matched with the right person quickly and they can start right away. When you use an agency, your virtual assistant will already have been interviewed, fully vetted, and have their own equipment – in other words, they’ll be ready to start working with you right away.

As a solopreneur, time is your most valuable resource. Hiring a virtual assistant is worthwhile as it saves you the time and hassle involved in hiring in-house.

A flexible and scalable solution

As a solopreneur, it’s quite possible that your workload ebbs and flows as your company grows. This means that you might not always need help from a virtual assistant or that, from time to time, you need to grow your virtual team to more than one assistant.

Hiring a remote personal assistant through an agency means you can scale up or down with ease. Need to cut costs temporarily? You can downgrade your subscription. Need more hands on deck to tackle a project? You can get more resources through the agency.

When you hire in-house, there’s no guarantee you’ll have enough work to keep an assistant busy all day, every day. And it’s expensive to hire additional staff when you need extra help. This scalability makes having a virtual assistant highly worthwhile for solopreneurs.

Remote work for productivity

You may be hesitant to hire a virtual assistant due to the remote aspect of the role. How do you ensure your personal assistant is getting work done? How do you ensure maximum productivity? Well, according to recent studies, remote employees are actually 25% times more productive than on-site employees.

Working remotely gives virtual assistants flexibility and a healthy work-life balance – this results in improved productivity. It’s possible that your virtual assistant may be in an entirely different country than your own, but they can usually work within your time zone due to the high flexibility they have.

Business and personal admin sorted

The last thing solopreneurs can afford to do is get weighed down with business admin. It takes endless hours and you have far more important things to spend your time on. From bookkeeping to office management, a remote personal assistant can help you do it all.

Additionally, a virtual assistant can also help with your personal admin. Tasks like booking flights and accommodation for family holidays to managing your personal expenses can easily be delegated to your virtual assistant. This gives you time to focus on building your business and achieving the success you deserve.

So, is hiring a remote personal assistant worthwhile for solopreneurs? The answer is: most definitely! Aside from being a highly cost-effective and scalable solution, having a virtual assistant frees up your time so you can be an effective entrepreneur and grow your business exponentially.

By Cary Grant

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